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02-08-03, 11:58
I have:

I think one of the herbalists wanted them too.

Anyone else? - CD or CD's are a "best of" Medtech kind of collection - generally the more fact filled articals. It also contains a bunch of manuals from relief organizations, the military, etc and some papers. Most are in pdf or word format.

If you work in the medical field tell me and at what level. There may be some additional reference material and software.

I need your addresses. (PM me - don't post!)

also please tell me if your CD player can read 700MB CD's or if they max out at 650MB's. Haven't tried it yet, but I may be able to compress this down abit.

On cost:
some of these documents have distribution restrictions that I want to honor. Specifically, they can be distributed on a non-profit basis freely but commercial distribution is forbiden. As such, I would like to ask for a donation for shipping and handling. I figure out of pocket expenses will be arround $2 - $3.50 per set, so think a donation of $4-$5 would be appropriate. If you can't afford that, send what you can or nothing. If you want to send a bit more, that's fine, just not too much. It would help make up for people that can't afford it. I will send a SASE with the CD's (tell me if you can't afford it upfront and I'll save the SASE) please send eithor cash or a personal check. You MAY also be able to send funds directly to my account with RR through any means of payment he accepts, in care of my account and e-mail both of us (cc) informing us of this fact. I have not passed that by RR yet, so it might not fly...

Interest at pressent seems low volume. As such, I feel comfortable handling it. If it picks up, there will be a new offering on the MedTech retail site - and you guys had BETTER order some of RR's other stuff at the same time!

Depending on how it goes, and my not getting stiffed too badly, I might start a pool of extra funds to do periodic mailings of stuff that's in an aquard(sp?) format or too big for the board. Let me know how interested people are in this. You can get a huge amount of information on a CD so updates would not be that frequent. For that matter, please indicate if your address is stable or not - if you are interested in updates.

sorry it's taken so long to get to this,


Reasonable Rascal
02-08-03, 12:41
Since I have a PayPal account I can certainly help out that way. Man, he wants me to keep books though. Sheesh! There's a reason I didn't follow dad into accounting.

Seriously, if you want to set up a Tangent's Band-Aid Buy fund we can do that.

Meantime if I ever get back with the guy who's burning CD's for me I'll have some also.


02-08-03, 14:20
RR - thanks for playing "bank" for me.

what CD's - how many? - I have a burner.... PM me...


02-08-03, 14:56
I'll take 2.

02-08-03, 19:58
I'll take one from you... think I was the herbalist :D

02-09-03, 06:59
I want one. I mail you with detalis. Payment from other contries?

Reasonable Rascal
02-09-03, 12:06
SwedeGlocker, if you have a PayPal account you can transfer funds that way. It would be the least expensive way.


02-09-03, 14:20
SG - if you can do PayPal to RR that would be fine. If not, don't worry about it. You've been helping me abit lately anyway.

Ditto for Craig, if he wants a set.


ps: want to keep the free sets to a mimimum, but overseas banking transactions are a pain. So I'm making that offer for a couple of people that are overseas. If you can afford a set, please pay the S&H for it.

02-10-03, 01:09
OK people, several of you have e-mailed me but only one has provided an address. You pay AFTER you get the CD's - it's the honor system. If you are in the USA you will get a SASE to send a few $ back in unless you've told me your sending PayPal to RR or can't afford it.

What I need from you:
My address is:

Payment: SASE/PayPal/I'm Poor - send me a free set

I can read CD's that are a max of: 650MB(old CD players)/700MB(CD players made in the last couple of years)

please indicate if you are interested in updates

do you have a stable mailing address for updates?



02-11-03, 20:26
RR, if it's me...send 'em my way. I can burn more for you if you want. I have plenty of CD's & jewel cases. Let me know.

02-12-03, 09:08
I'll take a copy as well - and I'd be happy to help burn a few - gotta bunch of blanks CD-Rs hanging around.


02-13-03, 18:32
I believe I have about 10 requests for CD sets and only 3 addresses to send them to. Please PM your mailing info, folks!



OK - I'm off. motivated me to check

have requests and addresses from:
nurse ratchet

I have requests and NEED addresses for:
swede glocker

common, u slackers! - send those addies in!

I presume RR wants a set and have his address.


Reasonable Rascal
02-13-03, 18:55
Yes I do. :-)

Check your PM, please.


02-13-03, 19:12
what PM?


02-14-03, 12:42
I'll take one tangent, check your PM.

02-25-03, 10:39
Hi, My first post here after lurking for a while. Mostly been waiting for updates on RR's novel to be posted.

I would like a copy of the CD.


02-25-03, 18:25

02-25-03, 19:31
people have been asking what's on the CD's.

Disk 1 is the Medtech disk, somewhat current contents follows.
Disk 2 is OPMED - the same as the navy website that is a medical reference system.
additional CD's may be added depending on your level of training.

Contents of Disk 1 follow:
09/26/2002 11:46a 54,272 ART.doc
10/02/2002 04:48a 45,568 Brushing Up on Dental Emergencies.doc
01/11/2003 03:46a 32,256 dental notes and refs.doc
11/29/2002 01:32p 8,319,232 dentaltechv1.pdf
09/26/2002 11:47a 26,112 Gum Disease.doc
10/13/1999 06:25a 3,601,507 simp dent care rural hosp.pdf
10/14/1999 01:38p 22,927,933 tooth trip.pdf
10/14/1999 01:43p 17,718,118 where there is no dentist.pdf

09/26/2002 11:41a 20,480 A Glossary of the Skin.doc
09/26/2002 11:34a 163,840 Derm Baedeker.doc
09/26/2002 11:38a 24,064 Derm Problems.doc
09/26/2002 01:17p 26,112 pedisProbs.doc

11/03/1999 11:57a 66,888,919 barefoot dr manual.pdf
10/14/1999 12:59p 17,812,777 health care in china.pdf

11/15/2002 08:03a 3,612,550 FAll02.pdf
12/01/2002 05:46a 49,152 Fever in Children.doc
10/08/1999 09:41p 1,974,080 health record systems.pdf
09/30/2002 04:17p 2,323,877 Hospitals for War Wounded.pdf
10/14/1999 01:14p 60,057,052 med care in dev countries.pdf
09/22/2002 12:45a 1,966,772 MSF_clinical_guidelines.pdf
09/22/2002 12:38a 1,595,271 MSF_essential_drugs.pdf
10/11/1999 11:50p 9,540,146 phil med plants.pdf
11/20/2002 07:38a 17,705,310 USNcorpsman.pdf
10/14/1999 01:42p 56,845,053 where there is no Dr.pdf

09/30/2002 04:02p 1,751,526 erg2000.pdf
11/10/2002 01:00p 1,234,280 mhmi-v1-0p-EMS-Table of Contents _ Introduction .pdf
11/10/2002 01:00p 89,323 mhmi-v1-1-EMS-Systems approach to planning.pdf
11/10/2002 01:01p 275,957 mhmi-v1-2-EMS-Response to Hazaradous Materials Incidents .pdf
11/10/2002 01:02p 107,876 mhmi-v1-3-EMS-Response and Patient Management.pdf
11/10/2002 01:02p 1,544,626 mhmi-v1-a-EMS-Hazardous Materials Classification Systems.pdf
11/10/2002 01:03p 56,257 mhmi-v1-b-EMS-Types of Respiratory Protection.pdf
11/10/2002 01:03p 60,875 mhmi-v1-c-EMS-Levels of Protection.pdf
11/13/2002 02:06p 1,145,507 mhmi-v2-0p-ED-Table of Contents_Introduction.pdf
11/13/2002 02:06p 84,819 mhmi-v2-1-ED-Systems approach to planning.pdf
11/13/2002 02:07p 269,519 mhmi-v2-2-ED-Emergency Department Response to Hazaradous Materials Incidents.pdf
11/13/2002 02:08p 83,319 mhmi-v2-3-ED-Response and Patient Management.pdf
11/13/2002 02:08p 985,762 mhmi-v2-a-ED-Hazardous Materials Classification Systems.pdf
11/13/2002 02:09p 56,254 mhmi-v2-b-ED-Types of Respiratory Protection.pdf
11/13/2002 02:09p 60,900 mhmi-v2-c-ED-Levels of Protection.pdf
11/13/2002 02:10p 1,236,993 mhmi-v3-0p-MMG-Table of Contents_Introduction.pdf
11/13/2002 02:11p 19,117 mhmi-v3-a1-MMG-Regional Poison Control Centers.pdf
11/13/2002 02:12p 19,005 mhmi-v3-a2-MMG-Association of Occupational and Environmental Clinics.pdf
11/13/2002 02:13p 10,591 mhmi-v3-a3-MMG-State Health Departments.pdf
11/13/2002 02:14p 10,474 mhmi-v3-a4-MMG-Consultant Resources.pdf
11/13/2002 02:14p 56,551 mhmi-v3-g-MMG-Glossary.pdf
11/10/2002 12:17p 77,334 mmg11-Hydrogen Fluoride.pdf
11/10/2002 08:40a 78,959 mmg111-Formaldehyde.pdf
11/10/2002 12:18p 67,762 mmg114-Hydrogen Sulfide.pdf
11/10/2002 12:22p 72,329 mmg115-Phenol.pdf
11/10/2002 12:24p 55,149 mmg116-Sulfur Dioxide.pdf
11/10/2002 08:00a 61,476 mmg124-Acrolein.pdf
11/10/2002 08:00a 64,349 mmg125-Acrylonitrile.pdf
11/10/2002 07:59a 57,982 mmg126-Ammonia.pdf
11/10/2002 08:39a 63,297 mmg137-Ethylene Oxide.pdf
11/10/2002 12:20p 48,197 mmg139-Methyl Mercaptan.pdf
11/10/2002 12:19p 57,470 mmg14-Methylene Chloride.pdf
11/10/2002 12:18p 72,269 mmg154-Malathion.pdf
11/10/2002 12:24p 59,334 mmg18-Tetrachloroethylene.pdf
11/10/2002 12:26p 67,658 mmg19-Trichloroethylene.pdf
11/10/2002 07:59a 66,990 mmg2-1-Arsenic Trioxide.pdf
11/10/2002 07:58a 50,820 mmg2-2-Arsine.pdf
11/10/2002 12:27p 54,681 mmg20-Vinyl Chloride.pdf
11/10/2002 12:19p 66,627 mmg27-Methyl Bromide.pdf
11/10/2002 07:58a 59,162 mmg3-Benzene.pdf
11/10/2002 08:34a 61,275 mmg31-Chlordane.pdf
11/10/2002 08:38a 77,864 mmg46-Elemental Mercury.pdf
11/10/2002 12:25p 59,735 mmg56-Toluene.pdf
11/10/2002 12:25p 67,872 mmg70--1,1,1-Trichloroethane.pdf
11/10/2002 12:27p 57,861 mmg71-Xylene.pdf
11/10/2002 08:40a 65,602 mmg72-Gasoline.pdf
11/10/2002 12:17p 71,059 mmg8-Hydrogen Cyanide.pdf
11/10/2002 08:33a 61,108 mmg82-Carbon Disulfide.pdf
11/10/2002 08:39a 57,122 mmg96-Ethylene Glycol.pdf
11/10/2002 07:57a 72,696 mmgd1-Blister Agents- Lewisite, Mustard - Lewisite Mixture (L, HL).pdf
11/10/2002 07:51a 78,970 mmgd2-Blister Agents- Nitrogen Mustard (HN-1, HN-2, HN-3).pdf
11/10/2002 08:01a 84,938 mmgd3-Blister Agents- Sulfur Mustard (H, HD, HT).pdf
11/10/2002 12:20p 77,981 mmgd4-Nerve Agents (GA, GB, GD, VX).pdf
11/10/2002 12:23p 48,598 mmgd5-Phosgene Oxime.pdf
11/10/2002 12:26p 20,749 mmgu-Unidentified Chemical.pdf
11/10/2002 07:59a 60,765 mmgx1-Aniline.pdf
11/10/2002 12:24p 61,492 mmgx10-Sodium Hydroxide.pdf
11/10/2002 12:25p 58,679 mmgx11-Toluene Diisocyanate.pdf
11/10/2002 08:37a 60,241 mmgx12-Crotonaldehyde.pdf
11/10/2002 08:37a 48,267 mmgx13-Diborane.pdf
11/10/2002 12:20p 66,850 mmgx14-Methyl Isocyanate.pdf
11/10/2002 12:23p 50,276 mmgx15-Selenium Hexafluoride.pdf
11/10/2002 08:33a 58,530 mmgx16-Calcium Hypochlorite_Sodium Hypochlorite.pdf
11/10/2002 08:38a 60,695 mmgx17-Ethylene Dibromide.pdf
11/10/2002 08:02a 64,097 mmgx2-Butadiene.pdf
11/10/2002 08:34a 52,137 mmgx3-Chlorine.pdf
11/10/2002 12:17p 66,859 mmgx4-Hydrogen Chloride.pdf
11/10/2002 12:18p 59,962 mmgx5-Hydrogen Peroxide.pdf
11/10/2002 12:21p 73,165 mmgx6-Nitrogen Oxides.pdf
11/10/2002 12:21p 78,757 mmgx7-Parathion.pdf
11/10/2002 12:22p 58,613 mmgx8-Phosgene.pdf

10/09/2002 09:45a 1,707,843 2potnSandRefrig.pdf
01/01/2003 06:33a 308,281 aresman[1].pdf
11/25/2002 04:10p 1,089,424 BPequipMaint.pdf
12/29/2002 11:26a 21,504 Detergent as emetic and antibiotic.doc
12/23/2002 03:23a 134,144 Emergencycarkit.doc
09/23/2002 02:38a 534,458 kits.pdf
09/23/2002 02:43a 798,602 logistics.pdf
09/10/2000 09:41p 4,636,052 M98054446.pdf
09/23/2002 02:40a 568,045 NewEmergHealthKit.pdf
10/11/2002 03:21p 35,840 Sutures.doc
10/10/2002 12:43p 2,276,443 UMbiobook.pdf
10/10/2002 12:37p 2,022,597 UMchembook.pdf
10/10/2002 12:46p 2,644,656 UMphysicsbook.pdf
09/29/2002 07:09a 311,926 Where There Is No Telephone.pdf
12/23/2002 04:21a 362,060 WinchTech.pdf

11/28/2001 02:17p 1,049,019 91kstp_MedLabSpec.pdf
10/14/1999 01:10p 45,693,768 basic tech for health lab.pdf
09/22/2002 04:05a 978,040 health_lab_disaster.pdf
10/13/1999 02:28p 7,232,054 how to look after a refrig.pdf
09/23/2002 04:43a 849,035 lab-bacteriology.pdf
10/14/1999 01:18p 48,637,779 med lab for dev countries.pdf
09/30/2002 05:23p 1,162,441 WHO Basic Malaria Microscopy.pdf

10/15/2002 04:39p 1,565,189 ADA377878[1].pdf
09/26/2002 12:27p 64,512 Antibiotic Use in the Prolonged Prehospital Care Environment.doc
09/26/2002 01:08p 30,720 antiseptics.doc
09/26/2002 11:04a 75,776 bedside sherlock homes.doc
09/26/2002 01:18p 36,352 blood facts.doc
09/26/2002 11:30a 48,640 cadaver blood bib.doc
09/26/2002 04:12p 41,984 Expedient Medic - wound care.doc
09/26/2002 04:09p 24,064 humor.doc
09/26/2002 12:20p 29,696 Hypothermia in the Austere Environment.doc
09/26/2002 12:24p 44,544 improvisation.doc
09/26/2002 04:23p 25,088 Jungle Operations Tips.doc
09/26/2002 01:12p 40,448 Maggot therapy.doc
09/26/2002 01:23p 71,168 medkit.doc
09/30/2002 01:39p 261,120 Relief Work.doc
09/26/2002 03:40p 34,816 SOMA.doc

09/26/2002 04:26p 27,136 moulage - BSA.doc
09/26/2002 04:28p 29,184 moulage - HOWTO.doc
09/26/2002 04:27p 19,456 moulage - source.doc

09/30/2002 05:10p 216,827 WHO Basic Newborn Rescitation.pdf
09/30/2002 05:12p 267,270 WHO Care in Normal Birth.pdf

09/27/2002 01:17p 27,648 making plaster bandages.doc
09/27/2002 01:21p 32,256 Orthopedics Improvisation.doc

09/26/2002 02:50p 33,280 Anaphylactic and Drug Reactions.doc
01/16/2003 03:16p 294,902 CALC Workbook.pdf
09/26/2002 03:13p 20,480 direct transfusion.doc
09/26/2002 02:39p 55,808 drugs frequently potent past expiration.doc
09/26/2002 02:28p 32,256 Expedient Medic - multi-use meds.doc
09/26/2002 03:42p 38,912 Expedient Medic antibio - part 1.doc
09/26/2002 03:46p 34,816 Expedient Medic antibio - part 2.doc
09/26/2002 02:30p 22,016 List of synonyms.doc
09/26/2002 03:10p 32,256 Making Insulin - Part I.doc
09/26/2002 03:05p 81,920 Making Insulin - Part II.doc
09/26/2002 01:59p 130,560 making IV fluids - FIP.doc
09/26/2002 03:17p 34,816 making IV fluids - sroberts.doc
09/26/2002 02:25p 66,048 making IV fluids - tropdoc.doc
09/26/2002 03:15p 19,968 making IV needles.doc
01/16/2003 06:32a 219,937 mussheet01.pdf
01/16/2003 06:36a 123,743 mussheet02.pdf
01/16/2003 06:38a 175,557 mussheet03.pdf
01/16/2003 06:42a 306,242 mussheet04.pdf
01/16/2003 06:45a 420,009 mussheet05.pdf
01/16/2003 06:48a 245,921 mussheet06.pdf
01/16/2003 06:50a 175,488 mussheet07.pdf
01/16/2003 06:52a 355,334 mussheet08.pdf
01/16/2003 06:15a 269,490 mussheet09.pdf
01/16/2003 06:53a 138,646 mussheet10.pdf
01/16/2003 06:56a 218,306 mussheet11.pdf
09/26/2002 02:44p 28,160 nicotine.doc
09/26/2002 11:25a 29,184 PRESSURE COOKER AS AUTOCLAVE BIB.doc
01/16/2003 02:51p 139,351 Proctor Info.pdf
01/16/2003 02:45p 192,840 Sterile Products Topics.pdf
09/26/2002 12:53p 36,864 sterilize needles and syringes.doc
11/22/2002 03:40p 478,967 tileandtill.pdf
09/26/2002 02:41p 20,480 Wine as antiseptic.doc

09/26/2002 03:35p 27,648 Albuterol.doc
09/27/2002 01:35p 59,392 Cardiac.doc
09/26/2002 03:33p 34,816 respiratory.doc

09/22/2002 02:01a 1,223,687 freshwater.pdf
09/22/2002 01:08a 1,253,915 MSF_pub_health_tech.pdf
09/22/2002 02:06a 743,590 watermanual.pdf

09/30/2002 04:19p 95,847 IRC amputation for war wounds.pdf
09/30/2002 04:28p 1,018,169 IRC Surgery for Victims of War.pdf
09/30/2002 04:37p 848,243 IRC War Wounds - basic.pdf
09/30/2002 04:44p 1,965,077 IRC War Wounds - fractures.pdf
09/30/2002 04:41p 3,186,578 IRC War Wounds - limbs.pdf
09/22/2002 12:49a 1,249,618 MSF_minor_surg_proc.pdf
10/14/1999 01:44p 14,427,256 WHO Anaethesia.pdf
10/14/1999 01:46p 25,068,133 WHO General Surgery.pdf
09/23/2002 02:35a 1,361,467 WHO Surgery OBGYN Ortho Trauma.pdf

09/30/2002 12:43p 78,448 Handgun Wounding Factors.pdf
09/30/2002 12:13p 351,752 Patterns of Military Rifle Bullets.pdf
09/30/2002 12:47p 50,816 Wound Ballistics Lit.pdf

02-25-03, 21:58
several of you have asked about payment. it's covered in the first post. I'm not trying to make anything off this. You will get a SASE, or can do PayPal via RR. Asking $3-5 to cover expenses. that is: mailers, CD-R's, stamps and SASE's.

These CD's are being shipped "raw" - if you get them from me. That is, they do not have a case. I'm not sure if flotsam's packaging will differ.


03-20-03, 23:59
hey tangent, it's GATOR. Do you still have a set of CD's available. If so, I'll take a set. Lemme know and I'll PM ya. Thanks/

03-21-03, 00:13
still working on them - really behind.

PM me.


03-21-03, 17:43
Hey tangent,

send me set to burn & i'll get working on some for you.


03-21-03, 18:11
duplication is only part of the problem. some I can duplicate now.

another part is reviewing everything, testing the installs, and what's hanging me up most is that I have room and I also have a couple of file folders full of great material that I'd like to get scanned in and added to the collection. costs of sending out one disk vs sending out several are very close. costs of sending out one disk twice are a lot more.

right now my pdf scans are comming out way to big.

maybe I should just send what I have and we'll do an update whenever. You guys are going to be overwealmed, anyway.

We just hit spring break - good timing. give me a couple of days and we should have something.

sorry for taking so long.

(also got a bit distracted w/ what all is going on in the world...)


ps: I've got research enough for a preliminary paper on acoustic Dx of Fx - want to kick that out soon too.

03-22-03, 01:45
thanks tan, pm sent now.

I only have the cookie set for this forum on one computer so it took a while.... blah blase, :D gracias,

Yours in "candy striper" bliss, :D

swamp fighter
03-26-03, 12:12
I would like a set of the CD's when they are ready.Just posting to show interest.Thanks!

03-31-03, 13:55
Tangent, did you get my PM?