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04-01-03, 00:46
I couldn't find anything in a search regarding this, and don't know if it violates andy rules or such. If so, feel free to PM me or delete the tread.

First off caveat emptor, of course, with buying anything online. I've done some research and can't find any solid info regarding the actual laws regarding this. I'd guess that narcotics are illegal, but can't find anything regarding even this except a small blurb on the US customs page. Even then, it almost makes it sound legal if you can provide a scrips if/when customs holds the package.

From the research I've done it sounds like the FDA regulates and US customs enforces. (I find it a little ironic that the US treasury dept. (customs) controls meds coming in.) However, I can't find anything regarding laws on either site. I know all the precautionary statements, and they resonate, but am still interested in persuing this avenue for acquiring meds. If it goes well, I may even consider looking for an online retailer for my mom's meds as well. I'm in Florida if that makes a difference.

Anyone know the skinny? It seems like common law dictates that a suppply of less than 3 months at a time is tolerated? Anyone have any reputable sources that they want to PM me with? Thanks, and sorry if it's a stupid question, meds are just redicoulously priced without health insurance.

And yes, I understand the dangers and precautions.

Reasonable Rascal
04-02-03, 12:31
It seems to be one of those gray areas that is entirely legal if you jump through the hoops and semi-legal if you don't. Certain drugs are always prohibited, Rx or not. These seem to include many narcotics, amphetamines, barbiturates and anabolic steroids, as well as "experimental" drugs expressly prohibited in the USA such as Laetril and others, regardless of whether they are legal in the supplying country or not.

That said Customs can do what they want when they happen upon any drug shipment, even for something as innocous as Penicillin. They can send it on or they can confiscate it and send you a letter requesting you reply before they allow your package to continue. I have often seen the advice given that you simply write off the shipment and try again rather than get involved in their process. Even shipments that include a valid copy of the original Rx may be held "just because." I presume so that they (Customs) can claim to be regulating imports.

Congress specifically refused to ban the importation of otherwise legal quantities of approved medications despite pressure from the FDA vis a vis the pharmaceutical companies to do so back in 2001 I believe it was. One presumes the AARP does have a lot of influence in this decision.

The vast majority of packages are never checked and even those which are are normally not held if they contain otherwise legal drugs. Sometimes it is a matter of import duties if the value seems to be high, sometimes just an overzealous Customs agent trying to appear efficient and watchful.

Here's a link to a site that I strongly recommend as reliable as far as info and contacts.


Briefly, here's an overview of FDA policy per the link:

* Medications must be FDA approved
* Medications must be for personal use, not commercial resale
* Medications quality must be of high standard (most medications on this site are U.S. brand name)
* Medications considered "controlled substances" must have been previously prescribed by a doctor
* Medications must Not Exceed 90-day supply


04-04-03, 01:50
Thanks for the intelligent response RR. I wasn;t sure if this topic was out of bounds or not, so thanks.

Gotta love the grey area. It sounds like the worst thing to happen is that they hold the package and I'm out some greenbacks. I can live with that.

Also, thanks for the website, they look pretty good except for that pop up window, that's not very reassuring. But their prices seem good on some items I was looking for. Thanks for the forum RR. :D