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04-06-03, 14:14
Hi guys,

Just wanted to let you know that I have not forgotten you. Been scanning, cropping, etc. files for about the last 11 hours. Have a few more ortho and ophtho files to add, finished off my burns and skin grafts folder, and just started on anaesthesia. Iíll see what else I can find.

Any requests for types of files to add? I may have something on your topic.

Does anyone have experience with Acrobat 5? Ė Iím trying to get my file size down. When I scan it, 8 pages takes as much space as a 180 page book someone else scanned. Iíve searched some, and found a kludgy solution in the form of scanning it into a different application and importing it into Acrobat as you get control of image resolution that way. You apparently donít have any control when you scan directly into acrobat. An alternative is to export to tiff files then put into Photoshop, reduce the resolution, and import back into the Acrobat document. Both these add a lot of steps and effort, and itís not going to happen! I also found a add-on post processor that would reduce file size, but it was commercial. Has anyone found a GOOD set of settings for Acrobat that will produce smaller file sizes or know of a good post-processor? Any other tips?

Iím trying to get this project off my desk, so itís shouldnít be too much longer. My apologies for taking so long.


ps: hereís whatís new:

04/06/2003 02:32p 8,537,698 burns and grafts - tips.pdf
04/06/2003 04:54a 4,128,147 C-section under local analgesia.pdf
04/06/2003 10:56a 9,675,994 common oral problems.pdf
04/06/2003 10:43a 14,778,495 CVP monitoring Ė make apparatus.pdf
04/06/2003 10:26a 12,224,080 dx glaucoma.pdf
03/30/2003 03:17a 12,344,880 essential reagents.pdf
04/06/2003 04:31a 3,589,950 ETOH as surgical antiseptic.pdf
04/06/2003 02:28p 10,064,869 Eusol for burns.pdf
04/06/2003 02:21p 8,392,870 fundamentals of split-thickness skin grafts.pdf
04/06/2003 12:21p 4,780,885 fx and dislocations of ankle.pdf
04/06/2003 09:58a 6,256,724 homemade eye exam instruments.pdf
04/06/2003 02:08p 2,853,323 homemade skin expander.pdf
04/06/2003 04:23a 6,954,240 honey01.pdf
04/06/2003 05:50a 23,520,647 How to read X-Rays.pdf
04/06/2003 04:46a 21,533,193 local anaesthetics for emerg adb operations.pdf
04/06/2003 12:43p 7,334,876 mandibular fx.pdf
04/06/2003 09:37a 8,988,254 measles corneal ulcer n child blindness.pdf
04/06/2003 05:14a 6,499,884 mgmt of ankle fx.pdf
04/06/2003 02:01p 6,739,292 mgmt of burns - skin cover.pdf
04/06/2003 01:47p 6,669,868 mgmt of burns.pdf
04/06/2003 06:06a 12,731,537 Mgmt of fx in adverse circumstances.pdf
04/06/2003 10:31a 3,203,554 mist therapy w out electricity.pdf
04/06/2003 10:14a 12,929,920 neonatology in the developing world.pdf
04/06/2003 04:12a 14,937,332 Non-conventional topical therapies.pdf
04/06/2003 11:06a 18,081,558 pneumonia in adults.pdf
04/06/2003 09:46a 9,510,402 postnatal care.pdf
04/06/2003 11:52a 4,664,695 provision clinical lab.pdf
04/06/2003 03:03p 11,556,348 regional analgesia primer.pdf
04/06/2003 01:56p 6,110,249 skin grafting in difficult situations.pdf
04/06/2003 01:23p 41,386,385 skin grafts and flaps - frm primary surgery.pdf
04/06/2003 12:09p 8,505,019 STD dx w out lab.pdf
04/06/2003 11:13a 3,108,601 sterilization of ophthalmological instruments.pdf
04/06/2003 01:38p 3,524,954 successful skin grafting.pdf
04/06/2003 02:13p 2,330,224 Thiersch grafts w scalpal blade.pdf
04/06/2003 11:42a 3,707,747 Trachoma.pdf
04/06/2003 01:31p 2,133,757 tx of severe burns to head hands n feet.pdf
04/06/2003 12:30p 22,457,164 tx soft tissue inj and compound fx.pdf
04/06/2003 09:27a 10,209,899 unreduced dislocations.pdf
04/06/2003 03:25p 16,981,884 Where there is no anaesiologist - ketamine.pdf
04/06/2003 02:46p 9,409,480 Where there is no anaesthetist - IV spinal n local.pdf
04/06/2003 11:27a 457,010 Xerophthalmia - status report.pdf
04/06/2003 11:34a 4,344,739 Xerophthalmia dx - make eyelid retractors.pdf

04-23-03, 13:30

Thanks for all of your hard work and keeping us updated.

Best Regards,

04-28-03, 18:39
how is the cd project going? From the description so far I will have a couple of years worth of info to read.:eek:
good luck

06-09-03, 16:44
Good afternoon,

I have been away from the forum for awhile so thought I'd say hello and just touch base concerning the CD project.

Thanks for all the hard work and look forward to receiving all of the great reference material.

Best Regards,


06-09-03, 20:43
Baaaad timing! - please inquire again thursday. Very busy till then.