View Full Version : NEW FORUM ANNOUNCEMENT: Swedish Wilderness Medicine Group

Reasonable Rascal
04-15-03, 15:11
I am pleased to announce that we have been chosen to host a new forum for the purpose of assisting with the formation of a Wilderness Medicine group in Sweden.

I'd like to welcome our new Swedish members to the board and invite them to participate in the other forums as well. A few of our other members are affiliated with wilderness medicine groups here in the US and elsewhere and would be, I am certain, happpy to offer advice upon request.

Because the standard language for the forum will be Swedish, and also because it is intended as a gathering place for discussion of this new group rather than open to general member discussion the forum itself is closed to the regular membership. Access to the forum will be limited to those directly involved with the project.

The moderator for the new forum is SwedeGlocker, who you may recognize as a long-time member of this board. I wish him and our new members and guests the best of luck in forming their new group.

Reasonable Rascal, Administrator

04-15-03, 19:25

how about keeping it open to all, for now at least. There are times something both Swedish and medical have come up on this BBS - the queries about a couple of pieces of Swedish made equipment. A booklet in Swedish that was the results of shelf life tests...

Likewise, SG has allready posted one artical that was in english or at least had english labled links that resolved to at least some english pages of organizations. Everyone here should benefit from something like that.

I'm not sure what percentage of Swedes know english, so best to keep it in that language.

(though if it catches on, as something to mimic, I believe most of the Dutch know english... - ohhh flipper...)


04-16-03, 13:53
All Swedes know english but many ass me dont spell so well. I see no reason why everybody should have acess since now in the begining most of the diskussions is about how our group should start. But after we have started i see no problem with an open forum.

Reasonable Rascal
04-16-03, 14:11
The forum is closed to general view for the reasons previously stated:

* It is not open to general discussion but rather is focused on organizing a wilderness medicine group in Sweden. Thus specific discussions regarding gear, etc are not the target topics.

* The chosen language is Swedish, which the general membership here is not likely to be fluent in. Curious lurking only serves to increase view counts, giving a false indication of interest on the part of the affiliated forum members.

Nothing prevents the Swedish members from joining in general discussions on the other forums just as SwedeGlocker has done in the past. But for purposes of discussing their proposed group I don't think that expecting private discussion is unreasonable.


04-16-03, 14:11
that sounds OK. I'd personally like to peek in from time to time, not that I would understand a lot of it, but I have access now, so hope that remains.

good plan on getting it rolling first.

I'm surprised that all swedes speak english!!! - I know we yanks are the butt end of many jokes about our language abilities. it's our educational system - it's in crisis. :(

as to spelling, mine isn't stellar. so don't use me as a roll model, k? ;) do try to drop it into a spell checker, but quite often post "off the hip" and directly.

hope this forum takes off - best of luck to you SG!, this looks like a really good thing!


ps: part of my reason to have it in the open is the *WOW* factor - a multinational, multilingual, specialist forum. Just leaves a better initial impression on visitors.

04-16-03, 14:53
We speak and write quite a few language. In my first platoon i had people that spoke/wrote: english, german, french, spanich, russian, serbia-croatica, arabic and finnich. In school all must learn english and one more language with the exeption of more practical schools.