View Full Version : 11 members online at 2am sunday morn?

07-14-03, 00:11
what gives? - this is very unusual....

so what's everyone doing up at this late hour? - not posting...


Reasonable Rascal
07-14-03, 01:03
Homework. :(


07-14-03, 01:30
I have a feeling this is an artifact of setting the notice of article expiration back... shows all ppl that had been on in past ???


07-14-03, 07:44
caught my attention that there are 30 people here now. I lurked before I joined and that's the most by far that I've ever seen. Is something going on that I don't know about?

What's this about article expiration?

Oh, and remember the computer troubles I was having? The "good" computer was retired (I TOLD him it was a software glitch, not an internal short) and a new one built. Same troubles, and a few more new ones, the primary problems being the endless powering down of the computer and an inability to connect to the interent. So sometimes I have been making it here to the forum, but then the computer kills and I can't get it re-connected to the internet to log back off. And then yesterday I managed to cobble my email so now the "good" computer is completely useless for anything but solitaire games. I'm just so happy....

Well, the 486 and I are off to stagger down the information superbicylepath. Good luck everybody.