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Reasonable Rascal
07-23-03, 20:48
Yes, we have closed forums. Aside from the obligatory administrative forum (where we sit around and drink coffee and eat Krispy Kremes all day) and a couple of specialty forums hosted for private groups - the Swedish Wilderness Medicine Society is one! - we have a couple of closed forums that are not viewable by the general public.

Access to these forums is limited to active contributing members and as a courtesy to medical professionals. IOW if you are a Doc, a PA, a Nurse Practitioner, RN, etc you may desire a place to discuss issues that aren't for consumption by the general public. I try to stay abreast of the registrations and watch for people who might wish to participate but I'm human. If I have overlooked you let me know by private message or an email.

If you have a group that needs a home for your own forum likewise let me know. We may be able to accomodate you. Need a study forum for nursing students? Might be doable.


07-24-03, 21:54
A forum to study nursing students?

I didn't realize this was that kind of website!:kool:

08-06-03, 22:30
Hey RR,what do you have to do to get into those forms?

08-06-03, 22:47
make coffee and clean the erasors for 6 months... ;)


Reasonable Rascal
08-06-03, 23:09
Write a disease process paper on the topic you will find in the Operating Room. You won't have any problem knowing which one it is. ;-)


11-02-04, 02:38
btt btt btt btt - DAMBIT!