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09-06-03, 11:38
have 2 "arrival" statements - are other people getting theirs too?

I found that I messed up - not sure if Sam fixed it before he burned them, but I just spotted it.

Under the "primitive medicine" directory there are 3 other directories that should be at the same level as "primitive medicine" - sorry about that.

Also, Sam said there was one file that kept failing the CRC check so he deleted it. I don't think he noted what it was. If anyone finds a file missing from what was received vs the file list provided in the other thread - please let me know and I'll get that file re-scanned and on the update disk.

please post any other trouble reports in this thread.



ps: on file sizes the problem is that acrobat did not install distiller as a printer under win 2k. it's apparently not that uncommon, but I'm still working on a fix.

09-08-03, 13:48
oh great ones I am most impressed!!!!! Well worth the wait. still muddling my way through them.

09-08-03, 15:22
I received mine, but I have been too busy to sit down & go through everything on them.:(

09-09-03, 18:25
Tangent and Sam:

I got them and am just starting to go through them.

I sent the envelope back with a little toke of my appreciation!

Stay Safe,

09-24-03, 20:43
tan and sam,

I sent a love note when I got my cd's. (I think)

I must apologize for not sending payment earlier. Between work and school and flying out of state, I've barely had time to breathe. Payment was sent earlier this week, lemme know if by chance you don't get it by midweek next week.

Thanks again for all the effforts. The cd's are absolutely great!!!!!!!!!


10-02-03, 00:18
we have gotten 3 reports of CD sets not arriving - 2 were for overseas locations. Has anyone else that requested a set (other than the late requesters) not received theirs?



10-03-03, 18:09
I got my set several weeks ago. Thank you very much. My check went out today. Sorry for the delay.


BH in Oregon