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10-03-03, 19:03

I wanted to introduce myself. Some might know me from frugals (been a big fan of RR's for a while now :)--can't wait to go shopping on your site--it is like a Toys R Us for the medically inclined/interested). I want to DEEPLY thank tangent for posting this link--I wish I had known about this a long time ago!!! (like when y'all were mailing out the cdroms :) ).

I am eager to learn and spent MANY hours last night reading, cutting, pasting, etc the site.

I am not a doc or a nurse or really anything useful for here (first aider, red cross-er, have a degree in psychology, but even that is pretty much useless :D ). I am afraid I will be more deadweight for a while (unless you want the "Dr. Mom/Dear Abby" type stuff hee hee). I apologise but am happy to be here!!! Eventually (after the kids are grown) I will probably be pursuing something in the medical arena, or at least related. I have been fascinated by this sort of thing since childhood (I used to keep a bag of those first aid and emergency pamphlets in my room since I was about 8 years old and would read them for fun....kinda weird headed kid, I reckon. :D ). I had longed to go to med school, but need to raise my babies first :) ! I figure the more I learn now, the more I become familiar with terms and ideas, the easier further medical training will be. Besides you never know when you might need to have a bit of first aid knowledge in a pinch!


10-03-03, 21:50
Welcome Atropine.

Hope ya stick around and enjoy the place.


Dear Atropine,

I've been having trouble sleeping lately. I'm not sure if it's because...... :D :D :D :D

10-04-03, 00:14

Well I can go the "tell me about your childhood" armchair psychologist route, or the "drink a glass of warm milk" mom route--which would you prefer?:D


10-04-03, 10:04
Originally posted by Atropine
Well I can go the "tell me about your childhood" armchair psychologist route

Well, it all started about 30 years ago when my...........

:D :D :D :D

10-04-03, 12:04
Welcome Atropine, good to have you over here.:)

Reasonable Rascal
10-05-03, 22:24
Welcome aboard, Atropine. With this crowd there ought to be a lot of study material for someone versed in psychology. :eek:


10-06-03, 10:19
Hi there, I am mostly a lurker and hang out for RR's story he is supposedly writing! :D

Some really good info here though. As a retired Paramedic, I try to retain a bit of knowledge on whats new.

10-06-03, 22:29
Thanks everyone for the welcome!

cabin gator--Ok, my official line is "It all goes back to your toilet training" :D But if you are serious, pm if you want some homegrown sleeping tips :)