View Full Version : CD Availability is temporarily suspended

04-20-04, 18:59
While we are working out a few issues, and due to temporary time constraints we will not be taking any new requests for CD sets for the time being. This will hopefully be resolved within 3-6 months.

I do have an update disk in the works, but it's pretty much a back burner project that gets added to piecemeal. It will hopefully be available by fall or winter.

If you had requested a CD set weeks or months ago but not received them, please e-mail me so we know how many are still owed and we will try to get those out to active board members soon.

But for the time being we are NOT ACCEPTING ANY NEW REQUESTS!

If you would like a set, please add your name in a post to THIS thread as a waiting list, and you will be first in line when we start sending them out again.

Our apologies for any inconvenience, thanks

tangent and flotsam

Blue Flame
05-07-04, 18:51

When you crank back up, I would be intetested.

06-12-04, 19:36
I would love a copy to add to my information.

You can never know to much! :sick1: