View Full Version : Board Changes/Call for Moderators

Reasonable Rascal
05-26-04, 22:20
The Recall Notices forum has been eliminated due to non-use over the past year/half. This eliminates to a slight that needed to be scrolled past in order to reach the more frequented forums.

Other forums are in need of moderators who are reasonably versed in the subject areas and who are willing to make at least semi-regular contributions to forum content. Hematology, Lab, Med-Surg Ward, EMS, Special Ops and Tactical Medicine, OB-GYN and other forums are open. If you have an interest in moderating, i.e. "directing" a specific forum please contact me through the board and we can discuss it.

The requirements are simple:

A. Have an open mind that allows for discussion of atypical medical practice

B. Be well enough versed in the subject area to know what may work vs. what is dangerous under any circumstances or at least of no discernable benefit.

C. Be open to exploring alternatives to developed-nation medical practice. In the US we enjoy "disposable everything" equipment, making cross-contamination a rarity. In the developing nations or remote or survival environment reusing equipment may be the only real option.

D. Be reasonably literate. If English is not your primary language other moderators and administrators can help with editing as need be.

E. Be open to sharing ideas, information, techniques, etc. We aren't here to discuss political issues, or engage in information turf wars. The idea is to learn from each other.

The board is now 3 years of age since it was founded in May, 2001. In some ways we have grown; in others we have stagnated. It is time to come out of our adolescense and progress toward maturity.