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02-08-05, 04:24
I have made araingements to purchase this companies last Field Microscope - missed the auction - the winner is NOT me! But contacted them asking if they had any more and inquiring about the manual. They had just one and the manual they would copy for me - for a fee...

I have one of these, and love it! They are really cool! Don't know the exact weight, but I'd guess 2-3 pounds. See the pics...


CONDITIONS!: This microscope has NO, REPEAT NO eyepiece or objectives! Nor is any of the power supply stuff in there. It does have a mirror, so you don't need the light source/power supply and the eyepiece/objectives are standard A.O. - a brand that is abundant and has been arround forever, so finding these will be no problem. They shouldn't be too expensive. Eyepiece is 10x and objectives are 10x, 40x, and 100x (oil immersion) - the latter has sold on E-Bay for everywhere between $5 in a lot to $80 individually. Others are less.

It does have a mechanical stage ($100 add on!) and blue filter/dark stage stop.

CONDITIONS2: the scope has been stored "open" (no eyepiece/objectives) so it will NEED to be cleaned! You can eithor take it into a microscope shop and have it professionally done, or call arround till you find an old timer that loves to share knowledge and do it yourself... I suggest the latter, as the former can be pricey... (probably under $100)

This scope was made for field med lab work and issued to SF medics. It is quality equipment and WILL take abuse, but should be babied, none the less. (it would also make a good club, if things got that bad....)

CONDITIONS3: who I will sell to is on the following priority list:

1) Board members in good standing - no markup. With the following breakdown:

2) First choice - an MD or lab tech (or someone that has contributed significantly to the advancement of lab med).

3) Second choice - PA, RN or Paramedic. (18D = PA/Paramedic, ditto for other services...)

4) 3rd choice - a LPN, EMT or board member in good standing - significant contrabutions to date....

5) General public - at this level, I'll slap on a $10 surcharge for the hassle....

I offered and have a commitment to sell at the high bid price of $106, this comes to $115 w/ shipping to me. I will pass it on at that cost, plus actual shipping from me to you. If I get a "quick bite" - I can probably get it shipped directly to you (in the USA) at no additional cost. Re-ship cost is likely to be in the $15 - $20 range.

I will also include a manual - something this scope does not have. (Auction one did have one - the copy I'm getting, this one does not - but I'll make a copy of my copy for you).

Interested? - please PM me!

I'm doing this on a "first come, first serve" basis, but if I get multiple "bites" from people in the same categories, I'll draw straws or flip a coin or something....


02-11-05, 17:10
OK, no bites yet. If anyone is interested please contact ASAP - should be mailed tommorow and if you want it after that there will be double shipping charges passed on.

One other note: this microscope is dark field capable. (built in)

It's a great oportunity to get one in the $150-200 range (complete), depending on how frugal you are.


07-23-05, 16:49
Pending the clearence of a check - the microscope has been sold (at actual cost - OK, actually I messed up the quote so I'm loosing a few bucks in the deal - (>= 5), but keeping my word on the quoted offer) and the offer is no longer valid.

Thanks for considering.


08-02-05, 17:44

it shipped today, you should have it in a couple of days.


08-03-05, 13:49
Fin Tore on the couple of days.

08-04-05, 13:01

Imagine my surprise when I found a quilt. Thought my wife had ordered something else from the Home Shopping Network.

Then I found a OG plastic box with goodies in it.

Got it. Have made contact with people who handle parts for the original manufacturer.

ALSO - note - is either one or both of the ECG's you listed before still available?

08-04-05, 15:44
re: the quilt: sent you the same packing I received it in.

enjoy the scope!

RR may have a ECG still available.