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Thread: Survival Medicine FAQ Re-write

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    Survival Medicine FAQ Re-write

    Nearly 7 years ago I wrote the misc.survivalism Medical FAQ. I wrote it because the same questions where being asked over and over again, and the frequently the same incorrect answers were being given. I tried to answer the common questions. I still agree with most of it, although some isnt quite right and much isnt upto date, and I hope my writing style has improved. Since I have abit of spare time I thought I would have a go at re-writing it.

    Id like some help. What Im going to do is post each section of the old FAQ in this forum as a seperate thread - and ask for comments, suggestions and corrections. Id also like some help - if anyone would like to re-write a section or add to it - then PM me. When a few ideas have been collected, me and anyone who wants to help will go away and hide for a few weeks before putting out the new revised improved version, and spread it around.

    Also if anyone can think of any area that should be included that isnt - then suggest it and we will try and cover it.

    Please remember though we are not trying to write a book - the information should be understandable by the average person and it should be fairly compressed - not too wordy. Although technical detail is fine - but it must be easy to follow.


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    Exclamation The Survival Medicine FAQ's Re-Write Project

    I've copied this thread to the Bulletin Board to draw some attention to the project. The home forum is otherwise the Doctors' Lounge, where you will find a series of threads illustrating the entire project.

    Projects like this work best with active participation. Review the threads, offer suggestions, observations, opinions and additions. Craig is also looking for people to take an active role in the rewriting. Consider it your chance to get involved in a project of literally world-wide proportion.

    The Survival Medicine FAQ's have been posted to the web far and wide over the years. They are designed to be used by anyone who finds themselves in a situation, whether by accident or design, due to disaster or the circumstances of life, at sea or ashore, that negates timely access to regular medical care. They may be used as guidelines by an explorer of mountains or jungles, deserts or arctic wastes, a wilderness medic or the poor seaman tasked with providing emergency care afloat. The care provider may be a physician, a medic or a layperson.

    Be proactive, get involved, make a difference!

    Knowledge shared is learning gained by both teacher and student.

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