I received an e-mail today that said I needed to become involved of lose my spot on the membership list. Thank you for the heads up.
My medical background is as a combat medic in the Army National Guard I was a 91B30 or a staff sgt/ platoon sgt of the medical platoon for a light infantry company. We really had to make do with just the supplies in out M-5 aid bags. Witch are larger and nicer then the new try fold bags.
Any way I spent 12 years in the filed as a Medic. 6 years before that as a grunt. So my experience beyond school was all in the filed or the Bn aid station.
I think that this is a type of medical training we need to focus more on. Why because I believe that the system will fail and there will not be a hospital or clinic that you can get to or that you will want to go to in a shtf event. So you need to learn at lest how to do good expedient first.
I am also interested in natural plants/herbs that you can grow to help take care of your family. And how to properly use them to cure sickness of treat wounds.