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Thread: Introduction

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    Smile Quick Intro

    Quick Intro...

    My name is Brock and I live in Arkansas. I don't know a whole lot about medical care right now; that's why I've come here. I've been trained as a Combat Lifesaver and I'm going to attend a Wilderness First Aid course in a few months. I'd really like to take Wilderness First Responder or EMT but its not offered anywhere close to me. I can't wait to learn as much as I can from this great forum! Thanks


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    New to most of you...

    Hi everyone. I'm She, been an R.N. for awhile now. Worked mostly cardiac/ICU and the best job was being a float for the entire hospital. That was fun! I am mostly interested in the holistic and herbals for this course, but there are other parts that I see that look interesting too!


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    Actually foud this through a story I was following, but seeing a lot of useful information here. My fiances mom is and RN and goes overseas to help in less fortunate enviroments, so I will be sharing this with her as well.

    I doubt I have much to post, but I think you all for the info I have seen and will see and gain knowledge from in the future.

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    Hello, everyone.

    I have no formal medical training, just a mom's good common sense and having listened to the advice of my mother and grandmother. Further, I am curious about almost everything and read incessesantly.

    That said, I have a special needs granddaughter with a rare syndrome. When she was under two years of age I spent about six months researching her problems. She had been perfectly normal for a year. Then she began to lose skills and abilities. She couldn't walk, threw up everything, had severe continual diahhrea, etc. Using my researched knowledge and some good common sense, her mother and I instituted nutritional and therapeutic protocols that are now used for all girls the world over with this syndrome.

    She walks, she runs, her intestinal issues are gone, and she's basically healthy, although too thin. She will never be normal, but she has some quality of life and is happy.

    Now my daughter has gone back to school to become an RN. She's the real medical head in our extended family.

    I am a prepper, have been for thirty years. My DH is somewhat of a DGI, so my prepping is not as extensive as I would wish. It is my hope and expectation that this forum will prove invaluable for further training and knowledge. Big kudos and thanks to those who set it up and are keeping it going.

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    Hi there, this is diame.

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    Adding my bio.

    Bushdoc here. In Australia. Was introduced here by BCE, and have gotten under foot in at least 2 of his courses.
    Working towards specialising in anaesthesia and have an interest in "make-do" medicine, be it in the boonies or in the big city.

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    Welcome one and all. Grab a log and sit closer to the campfire and feel free to join the chat.

    Knowledge shared is learning gained by both teacher and student.

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    Adding to the milieu

    Was browsing through the threads and figured it appropriate to introduce myself.

    First and foremost, I have very strong religious beliefs and do my best to adhere to the Bible. My purpose and intent in life is to serve the Lord, no matter when or where it may be. Won't preach at you or shove it down your throat but it's the most important part of my existence.

    Secondly, I'm an associate veterinarian in private practice in rural OK and work on small animals (dogs & cats). My major interest through school was large animal, particularly cattle, but my first job out didn't work out so well. Let it be said, the Lord had other plans for me. Have been at current clinic over a year now and really find it rewarding. I live on a small hobby farm with a menagerie of animals- goats, horse, pigs, ducks, chickens, rabbits, dogs & can't forget the cats.
    Have been interested in zoonotic diseases (those transmitted from animal to human) since learning of them and enjoy public health, educating owners about veterinary diseases as they impact humans.

    Enjoyed browsing through your posts. My family has always felt it good to be prepared for the worst... recent world developments have us feeling that economic collapse is imminent. Found this forum by searching for methods of at-home sterilization and believe I've found a gold mine. We are the "treat it at home if at all possible" type, and I've never graced the doors of an ER or major hospital (besides when my niece & nephews were born). Don't know much about human medicine but find it interesting.

    As for hobbies, I enjoy most anything outdoors. Hiking, 4-wheeler riding, camping. Also like to travel. Most of my spare time now goes to my niece & nephews, age 5 and under. What a joy they can be!

    I'm glad to have found the forum and am happy to chime in when I can. Thanks for the helpful information so far!
    Feel free to shoot me any animal questions, I'll help where I can.

    Many smiles,
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    Many years ago, I followed Norma (Goat Lady) in here and fully intended to join...then a series of SHTF events grabbed my attention (for too long).

    Fast forward to now, I found my way back to here and was so tickled to read Norma's old posts again. We were online friends for many years until she passed... As fellow herbalists, we enjoyed our "herbal talks." I miss her.

    I've been an herbalist and a prepper and primitive living skills enthusiast for over 35 years. Now, I am just an old woman grubbing in the dirt for roots and wild medicinals, lol.

    I am constantly researching and experimenting with SHTF backup plans that are backups to plans A, B and C. For example, perfecting primitive living skills for when the “last beans, bullets and bandaids” are gone. I plan on starting a number of threads soon about this, because like the old saying goes...“iron sharpens iron.” We all learn from each other, and judging from the lot of you, I cannot wait to see what could arise from those threads.

    I know it is a little quiet in here, but hopefully y'all will get tired of hearing me yakking to myself, and join me.

    The stores of knowledge in here is amazing. The treasures here are too good to keep all to myself, so I will spread the word and invite like-minded ones to join.

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    Welcome. Nice to have a herbalist on board.


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