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Thread: Useful Medical Blogs

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    Useful Medical Blogs

    A couple of medical blogs I have stumbled upon recently that hold promise.


    Ivy Mike Cafe

    Liberty, politics, guns, and gear spoken here. No particular order. No particular rhyme or reason. Totalitarians of all stripes demolished daily.
    Iíll moderate comments when I have time. Remember, the First Amendment applies to government restricting speech. If you annoy me or I just donít like you, Iíll vaporize your posts. Disruption ainít discussion, and it wonít be tolerated.
    Letís learn a lot and have some fun in the process. Welcome to the home of the ten megaton F-bomb. Enjoy.

    Hogwartís School of Grid-Down Medicine and Wizardry
    Hogwarts School of Grid-Down Medicine and Wizardry was created for the citizen that has concerns about health, well-being, and medical care in a grid-down scenario. The authorsí intent is to demystify basic medical care to help fellow citizens become more resilient in a long-term emergency, should the normal systems for medical care be disrupted.

    It is the intention and hope of the authors that ďMad MaxĒ scenarios donít happen, and by using education and outreach about basic medical care to all citizens, said scenarios remain fiction and civilization thrives instead.
    Knowledge shared is learning gained by both teacher and student.

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    I was just coming here to post this!

    Beat me to it Wascle!

    Have you written them yet and invited them to visit?
    With the current lockdown, a good strategy might be creating accounts for them and sending a pswd with the request that they change it on first visit.


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