Translation of instructions using Google Translate and some rewording to match how I think it works. No guarantees that its accurate.

1. Unwrap the hose and attach the catheter nozzle and attach the other end as show in the picture near G. (Note the hose is coiled inside spring supports T. Wrap up likewise, after use).

2. Pull out the support A.

3. The pump sucks when the pedal is pushed down. When pressure on the pedal ceases, it is
pulled up by the two springs inside spring holders T.

Movement of the pedal is easiest with the foot.

The suction power is regulated by the valve D. Turning the screw E changes the suction force between 200 and 400 mm. Hg.

4. Empty the collection bottle before it gets full. The locking device is released
by screw F turned counterclockwise. After which, lower side bracket G then pull up bar H.

5 Clean after each use: the collection bottle, hose, and nozzle. If the collection bottle becomes full, waste will get into the pump housing. Clean it well and also the tubing between the collection bottle and the pump casing. The pump housings flat cover plate is removed by the four screws K. After which, the pump housing cover can be cautiously lifted up.

6 Lubrication
In continuous operation, lubricate the pumps moving parts once a week. Remove the collection bottle to lubricate the internal pump parts using a few drops of ordinary machine oil:
Pivot points L, spring brackets P, and both sides of the bolt through rod R
that connects with the foot pedal.

Treat the internal portion of the retractable footrest with anti-rust oil.

The leather gasket pump housing is greased before delivery and needs no supervision at first. If the gasket dries out later, grease it with leather oil, NOTE: not conventional oil.

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