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Reasonable Rascal
08-23-03, 12:53
Is there interest in opening this forum to a sales and swaps model open to members to sell or trade medical and related items?


08-23-03, 18:03
how about consignment too?

helps you
helps the board


Reasonable Rascal
08-23-03, 22:12
That would be part of it, yes. Was in a hurry to get out the door when I posted the above.


08-24-03, 07:49
I think we can give it a trial run.

I would personally feel bad however, if this part of the forum discourages people from using RR's commercial site for their medical preparedness. He deserves our support.

Stay Safe,

08-24-03, 08:22
that's why I was kind of pushing the consignments angle. If you are making money, it's only fair that the board and RR would see a little of that. I'm not talking about charging for adds, but a small percentage of the selling price when something is sold.

I also see a problem when someone is selling something that RR sells and RR loosing some of that business. That's a problem and I don't have a good solution other than to hope we have board loyalty here and that people would give RR first crack for comparable items.

If it's a trade - all bets are off. You're not making any money.

lets look at some other situations:

a business wants to list something. If RR doesn't sell it and having it available would benefit our community, why not? Yet, they may be a direct competitor and carry many items that RR does, not just list them here. That might be a problem if we are providing advertising for them.

what about the CD project? well, we are asking for donations and RR is not going to see any of those proceeds - though I would eventually like to clean them up a but (file sizes, tone them down a bit, etc) and let him handle distribution - getting a few dollars for that - but for now, he's seeing nothing.

classes, books and other resources: we list a lot of pointers here - and the board benefits, but no money goes into RR's pockets for this. Though he does indirectly benefit, as it's his board and it's a better board for those listings.

another case would be the OBGYN book from AU that RESQDOC announced. This is a unique item that is not otherwise available in the USA. To say that a board member can not benefit from something like that when we announce things like that all the time that non-board members will benefit from isn't fair. OTOH: if it was a common book, that RR could order from a distributor or link up w/ amazon sales and sell - that's more of a problem.

just some random thoughts... it's really up to RR, but I think the input from us is good.

any comments?