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08-30-03, 16:27

I have recently purchased a batch of Field ECG machines. There are 3 available and they are cheap! These machines are New In Box and recently removed from military stockpiles. Cost new was in the 3-6K range. We are asking $65. I have put these on consignment with RR and both he and I are making a few dollars. We each got one and the profit margin (FOR ALL 3) was half the cost of either of ours. I believe in passing along savings and low markups. RR has the units and will be shipping them. you should work out details with him if you want one.

OK - I think (and am hoping) these will go out the door quickly. I would like my money back! I have one (OK 2 - and I keep mulling over giving one to a local relief org vs keeping it... thing is I want a parts machine because replacement parts are going to be expensive - BUT AVAILABLE!) - they are nice! They are field repairable. It comes with a service manual. You need a VOM and a couple of pieces of specialized test equipment that come up on E-Bay from time to time... Standard connectors, multiple power supplies, standard paper... VERY MAINTAINABLE! Waterproof, mil spec high impact case. This is a nice piece of equipment! It interfaces w/ a defib and unfortunately there are none available at this time. It's not clear if they will be available in the future, but the two together give an intelligent combination - kind of like a AED. It operates fine in a stand alone mode. Anyway I like this unit. We are a small community - at least the people that post. There might be a lot of demand or their might not. I'm assuming the former. As such, I'm putting a few restrictions on this sale. As follows:

First chance goes to board members in good standing (ie: they post regularly being registered and posting twice 8 months ago, does not cut it!) Asking price is $65 plus actual shipping costs. (this should be between $15 and $30 to anywhere in the USA. More overseas.

No one may buy more than one unit.

No one may purchase a unit if it is for re-sale.

We are going to accept requests for purchase for 1 week - to give everyone a fair chance (in case they go fast). If we get more than 3 earnest requests - preference will be given to people that intend to use it in daily practice in a relief, mine medic, expedition, DMAT etc situation. A unit aimed for stockpiling "just in case" will be given lowest priority. You should be able to read an ECG if you order one. If we get more than 3 high priority offers - we'll draw straws or flip coins or something. There will be no favoritism beyond intended use and speed of deployment within communities that could use it. If they don't go fast - we'll open them up for anyone to purchase after 1-2 months, however they price will be higher. Probably $85. Membership and active participation on the board and in relief communities have their benefits.

If it's a popular item, I will try to get more in the future. Defib units too - but no promises. They may be more expensive if I can't get them for the same price.

There is no guarantee on these units beyond that they are new in box, should be unopened - as shipped from the factory. I have included the text of a E-Bay listing for this item.

As opposed to this listing - our units come with nothing but a battery and a user/service manual. There are no supplies. The manual states that they are fragile and should be transported in their original shipping crate. I think Hewlett Packard is just CYA because they look and are mounted so they could be tossed out of an aircraft at treetop level, or parachuted or tossed over a cliff and survive. I will try and track down the test reports on shock and post on the board if I find anything.

All supplies and repair parts for this machine are available - they are not cheap on the replacement parts side, but this machine is well made and I doubt will need them. It is also made to be fixed in the field, survive the elements and be simple to operate. I'm personally very impressed with it.

If you want to figure shipping - in it's box, it's 24.5"x21.0"x18.5" and weighs 44 lb. This is not a "backpack" unit. Packable - yes - another piece of equip in your pack - no. It's base station gear. small footprint (see dimensions below).

I hope people will appreciate the quality of this piece of gear and the value of the asking price.



(listing has 5 photo's - they are asking $100min bid or $150 Buy it Now)

Hewlett Packard ECG/EKG Patient Monitor/Recorder #43200MC. This multi-lead electrocardiograph module has wireless interface capabilities to the HP 43130M Defibrillator (not included & we don't carry). It is new "old stock" & has never been used. It is in "new" condition & we'll guarantee it to function properly or return for full refund (less shipping). Comes in it's original box with manual. This is a full-featured bedside cardiac monitor designed to offer instant access to vital patient information immediately after turn-on. Advanced design offers full automatic function to speed up rapid emergency use, with manual override capability provided. The printer & all settings function properly as well as all alarms. This unit does not come with lead wires or recording paper, but we're throwing in a package of (25) Red Dot Snap-type Monitoring Electrodes. We do not carry the leads or paper, but they are readily available online. You can find the paper at www.cardiologyshop.com & they also might be able to provide the leads. It uses a standard 6-pin cable that is also used by many manufacturers' & the paper is an HP40453A, which is a grid-type thermal paper 50mm in width x 30m. Also includes a copy of the original "Service Manual". The service manual is very detailed & explains how to test individual components, a list of recommended test equipment & a troubleshooting guide including schematics. The dimensions are 15.75"W x 14"D x 13.5". Here's a few of the features:

"LEADS" button allows you to select either lead I, II, or III as the ECG Source. If interfaced with the defib, pressing the "PADDLES" button will select the paddle electrodes as the ECG Source.

Microprocessor technology controls & monitors system operation enabling unit to perform self-diagnostic routine

5 Lead ECG

Digital memory stores of to 30 minutes of ECG data & status information.

May be run off of 100/110/220/240 VAC 50/60 Hz.

Mounted in factory ruggedized case

Built-In strip chart recorder

5" Diagonal easy to read monitor

Digital recording/playback of ECG trace (records and plays back from memory to monitor and/or strip chart recorder)

Military Field case features positive, air tight, water tight seal & is tough enough for a parachute drop

Extra safety vent to equalize air pressure after transportation

5 positive locking clamps

Reasonable Rascal
08-30-03, 18:04
Pic of monitor, controls, etc as they appear on the inside of the unit.

Reasonable Rascal
08-30-03, 18:09
The case the unit is built into. Talk about bombproof! They should be so generous with the stuff they build for EMS services. The bracket shown is matched on the other side. The pair is intended to mount the unit to an underside rail apparently (for aircraft use?). Case appears to be at least moderately immersion survivable.

08-31-03, 14:43
I wanted to clarify a few things:

first - this unit is BATTERY powered, if desired. It will run for I believe 4-6 hours on a charge. You are NOT tied to the electric grid - but it is compatible with many different types of power grids found worldwide. The battery charger is built in.

second - the weight of 44 pounds includes a heavy duty box and a rather thick service manual - 3-4" worth of paper in a 3 ring binder. Also, the battery is heavy and that could also bring the weight down if you know you will always have access to regular current.

third - the first set of dimensions I tossed out were in the shipping box - which makes it seem huge. The dimensions of the unit are: 15.75"W x 14"D x 13.5"


ps: case is waterproof and airtight. It has space in the lid for the manuals and storage space for all needed supplies. If you didn't bring the service manual, this would make a great drug box area or place to store anything that could be harmed by water.

Reasonable Rascal
09-03-03, 23:40
Request received for one unit. If order confirmed 2 units remain.


Reasonable Rascal
12-05-03, 00:35
Buyer has apparently backed out for remaining units. Two remain.


08-04-05, 12:58
Is this still valid?

Reasonable Rascal
08-04-05, 14:40
I just delivered the last one to MO last week-end, sorry.