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Reasonable Rascal
04-24-04, 22:30
Medical Book Group Buy Offer

Im putting together another medical book group buy based upon the interest generated in the last such offer amongst various and sundry boards. This time the publisher has offered to make available another oft-requested book, Where There Is No Doctor.

These are new, recent printings but not the most current. Variation from latest printings is reported by publisher to be slight. I am able to make this offer only because the publisher is clearing their shelves for new printings. Only the below-listed books are available at these prices. Prices as listed include postage within the lower 48 states. Minimum order quantities apply so I need to determine if there is enough interest. Pre-payment (funds held in trust) applies if we reach the required quantities. I MUST have a working email addy to “register” you for the buy if you are interested. You can send it via PM through the board to maintain confidentiality or email me directly.


Where There Is No Doctor
by David Werner, with Carol Thuman and Jane Maxwell.

Translated into over 90 languages, Where There Is No Doctor is considered the most accessible and widely used community health care manual in the world. This revolutionary health care "bible" has saved millions of lives around the world by providing vital information on diagnosing and treating common medical problems and diseases, and giving special emphasis to prevention. The book also includes sections detailing effective examination techniques, home cures, correct usage of medicines and their precautions, nutrition, caring for children, ailments of older individuals and first aid.
Revised 1992, 2002 updated edition. ISBN: 0-942364-15-5

Retail list: $20.00 + shipping. Group buy price with postage included: $18.00

Where There Is No Dentist
by Murray Dickson

Community health workers from around the world use this book to help people care for their teeth and gums. A focus on the treatment of urgent dental problems and the importance of prevention make this book an invaluable resource. Where There Is No Dentist provides detailed and well-illustrated information on using dental equipment, placing fillings, and removing teeth, as well as methods for teaching hygiene and nutrition. The book was developed as a companion volume to Where There is No Doctor, and encourages people to care for their own teeth and prevent tooth and gum problems in their communities. This printing includes an extra chapter as an insert that was not available on printings before 2000. Retail list: $12.00 + shipping. Group buy price w/postage included: $10.50

A Book for Midwives
by Susan Klein

A Book for Midwives uses straightforward, accessible language and hundreds of drawings to teach midwives, birth attendants, caregivers and individuals how to care for women during pregnancy and childbirth. The book is an invaluable tool for facilitating education and training sessions, as well as an essential reference for hands-on practice. The book is especially useful for those living in impoverished areas or away from maternity centers, and includes valuable information on health during and after pregnancy, prevention of disease and infections, managing emergencies and caring for newborns. An excellent companion to Where Women Have No Doctor.

Retail list: $25.00 Group buy price w/postage included: $22.00

Reasonable Rascal
05-26-04, 21:49
For members of the board who corresponded regarding the group buy: the books have been ordered and payment remitted. I expect that they should arrive here sometime before June 15 at the outside. I hope well before then but I have no control over the actual shipping end from the publisher.

For those interested there should be a few extra copies available once all actual pre-orders have been filled. Please inquire to find out what remains.


Reasonable Rascal
06-16-04, 16:44
Books arrived last mid-week. Orders are being sent out almost every week-day barring little things like unscheduled PO closings (last Friday in honor of Reagan).

There are a few extras since I had to order round case lots so if you are interested drop me a line. A Book for Midwifes is in very short supply, Where There Is No Dentist I have a good stock of.


Reasonable Rascal
05-25-05, 00:45
Copies of all three books remain available as of this writing. If you'd like to get in on a great book deal here's your chance. Supplies really ARE limited. When the stock runs out that's it.


05-25-05, 07:28
Ugh! - I have all 3... though not the "latest and greatest"!

What should really be in demand is War surgery and Save lives, save limbs - since they are rarely seen in this country and WHEN Amazon was offering the former they charged arround $300 for a $100 book... (and $100 was at the massive markup price for "developed" countries...)

It *IS* worth $100, but begrudgingly... Excellent book!


Reasonable Rascal
02-18-06, 11:35
Just dug out the remaining copies of the books. Have assorted numbers of all 3, with Midwifes the shortest count at about 4 remaining.