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Reasonable Rascal
06-21-04, 18:26
I have a good stock of copies of Where There Is No Dentist available following the latest group book buy. I took advantage of the excellent pricing offered for a limited time to stock up for those who may not have seen the buy but whom may wish to obtain a copy.

Single copies are available until the supply is exhausted for $10.50 USD postage paid within the United States. Foreign orders will be calculated on the basis of actual shipping after first deducting the factored in postage allowance. Savings calculates to $1.50 below publisher's price, plus shipping savings if ordering from publisher, or sales tax savings if buying off the shelf, or a minimum of 12-1/2% off list price of $12.00 before other costs are added.

10th printing of this invaluable book, January 2000.

Please contact me through this board.

Reasonable Rascal