View Full Version : Commercial M5 and M17 Medic Bags

06-13-05, 18:01
I have a new supplier of commercial copies of the 2 largest US military Issue Medic Bags. Both are Backpack size medic bags.

The M5 Medic Bag. Available in Black and OD. Carried with backpack straps(included). Has 3 outside pockets. Inside there is one large(twice divided) compartment. The inside lid has 4 small pockets.

The M17 Medic Bag. Available in Black, Forest Green and Desert Tan. Has handle on top for "grab and go". Can be carried with either a shoulder strap(I can include one with the Forest green ONLY) or ALICE pack straps(Not included). Bag consists of a trifold design with 6 zippered pockets. There is a smaller instrument pocket on the side of one of the six pockets with a velcro closure.

Pics are available by email of the M17 only right now in black and desert tan, however I can get a stock photo of a M5(I am selling an identical copy).

These are not something I stock right now, so it is on a per order basis(takes 7 to 10 days after I receive payment to ship the bags).

Price of each bag is $50.00USD shipped.

I accept Paypal(+4%)