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06-17-05, 18:31
Just had a quote from a NZ supplier for some Surgical instruments - $5000 NZD - ouch!! These are obviously hospital quality - can be re-used 2-3000 times. Id be happy with re-used a couple of hundred times and 10% of the price.

RR - are you still doing instruments - or alternatively can be look at a group buy. Any reliable contacts in the cheap instrument field?

Any takers?



06-17-05, 19:24
For some things check here:


But he tends to have more than is listed and can get just about anything.

Trays would be nice, though he did say he was trying to reduce inventory in preperation for moving. But yes - group buys sound interesting!


Reasonable Rascal
06-17-05, 22:59
Yes I still do instruments, mostly Pakistani but also have a modest stock of German (how many #4 scalpel handles do you want?).

And yes, I am trying to reduce stock as much as possible before moving, and that includes instruments simply so I can manage to get organized again once I am settled.


05-31-06, 08:38
Any #15 blades available?

05-31-06, 14:16
Any #15 blades available?

Almost a record for resuscitating a dead thread :)

For scalpel blades, try ebay - for example, http://cgi.ebay.com/100-SURGICAL-SCALPEL-BLADES-W-HANDLE-SIZE-15_W0QQitemZ7623521361QQcategoryZ31479QQrdZ1QQcmdZ ViewItem

05-31-06, 18:39
Almost a record for resuscitating a dead thread :)

I know, I am the greatest. What more can I say?

Thanks for the suggestion.