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10-19-05, 03:09
Hello Everybody,
My wife is suffering from seizures and after seeking doctor advice he told to take Depakene ( http://www.drugdelivery.ca/s3666-s-DEPAKENE.aspx) as drug to treat this problem but as my wife is pregnant .So is their any problem to take this drug in pregnancy period. Please advice me about this .I will really appreciate any regarding his problem?

10-19-05, 11:40
Sorry Kays, you need to go back to your doctor to discuss this. We try to not give direct medical advice like that here. Drugs like this in pregnancy are a "risk/benefit" analysis and you and your wife and doctor need to collectively decide what to do.


10-20-05, 01:25

search string: "depakene pregnancy" (not in double quotes)

62,500 matches...

(I didn't read any of the matches, but since there are that many, it suggests there might be a problem...)

you could add additional keywords, one at a time to focus in, like: negative, adverse, contra-indicated and harmful. If it comes up with documentss, do a find in your browser to locate the word in question. You can focus in on desired info really fast that way. Pay attention to how many matches you get verses with the basic keywords - that should tell you if there is a problem without looking at any documents.

read up and if anything concerns you, take it up with your doc. If you don't like what he says, get a second opinion.

if there is anything particularly alarming that you find (short please) print it out and bring it in, or at least highlight the alarming parts so you don't waste your docs time.


10-21-05, 03:03
Hello Kays,
I have studied your wife problem. In pregnancy period depakene should not be taken. It can harm your baby. This drug is not recommended to pregnant women unless the therapy clearly over weights the risk.infact women in her pregnancy do not take depakene unless and until it is essential in control of seizures. Depakene enters in breast milk so nursing mother should not use Depakene. I will suggest you to consult your physician before taking any action as it may lead to some serious problems to your child.