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10-27-05, 04:12
Hello Everybody,
Recently I have read about bird flu in the news paper. This disease had already leaded to havoc in the Asia few years ago. Could anyone tell me what is this bird flu. I have heard that it spread through birds. What are its symptoms? I will appreciate any information regarding this.

10-28-05, 02:43
Hey Jeson,
Itís really amazing that you have no idea regarding bird flu. This disease has recently causes a huge loss of human and bird life in south-east Asia. This pandemic has killed more then millions of bird and thousand of human being. Threat of bird flu is once again arises and this time Europe and whole Asia is probable affected area. This disease is hot topic of discussion at the moment and you can find its details everywhere in each and every news paper and health magazines. Bird flu is a type of flu that spread with the help of birds. There are many types of bird flu. Most deadly and common one is that cause by H5N1 avian influenza virus. The symptoms of bird flu are same as that of influenza. I will suggest you to consult your physician if you are suffering from high fever and severe respiratory illness. Tamiflu is only drug effective in treatment of bird flu. You can order this drug from online pharmacies. I have visited a site having URL http://www.drugdelivery.ca/s3353-s-TAMIFLU.aspx while surfing the net. You can order Tamiflu here or may search Google for address of other online pharmacies which sales Tamiflu.