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07-20-06, 16:44
I have several sizes of the army trauma/field dressings available:

4"x7" Dressing - $1.50

7.5"x8" dressing - $2.50

11.75"x11.75" - $3.50

OD Cravat/Triangular bandage - $1.50

all prices plus shipping

The picture shows the dressings in package & unfolded to give an idea of the size.

Picture of Dressings (http://home.comcast.net/~sampac/dressings.jpg)

Army Issue First Aid Pouch - approx6"x4"x3", OD green nylon w/ snap closure & alice clips - $4 delivered CONUS (4/$12)

Pic of first aid pouch (http://home.comcast.net/~sampac/1staidpouch.jpg)

"Battle Pack" - First aid pouch w/ (6) 4x7 field dressings - $14, delivered CONUS

USGI Medical Waterproof bag: similar to dry bags used for rafting, etc… Rectangular, made of black rubberized cloth, w/ carrying handle & shoulder straps. Approx. 18”x12”x9”

$15, delivered by FedEx ground
Waterproof Bag Pic (http://home.comcast.net/~sampac/drybag2.jpg)

Army Stretcher –collapsible, approx. 90”long x 20”wide

$20 – available for pickup in CT only (shipping is outrageous on these)
Stretcher Pic (http://home.comcast.net/~sampac/stretcher.jpg)

MAST antishock trousers new, w/ carry bag, pump & instruction card

$60, delivered by FedEx Ground

Anti-shock trousers Pic (http://home.comcast.net/~sampac/mast.jpg)

Flynn BVM (manual respirator) set - reusable set includes 4 oral airways, 3 different size masks, and valve/bag & reservoir setup, all packed in hard case - $25, delivered CONUS
BVM Pic (http://home.comcast.net/~sampac/BVM.jpg)

Blow Out Kit, First Aid Kit: Includes USGI First Aid Pouch, triangular bandage, battle dressing, 4"x4yd bulky gauze dressing, 4" elastic (ace-type) bandage. 2"x6' gauze bandage. mylar emergency blanket, forceps, small hemostat, scissors & empty pill vial - $16, delivered CONUS

Pic of Blow Out Kit (http://home.comcast.net/~sampac/FAK.jpg)

Casualty blanket: heavy-duty aluminzed plastic blanket - OD on one side, silver on the other, edges reinforced w/ binding tape, grommets for use as a lightweight tarp. Measures 84"x56" - $10, delivered CONUS (5/$45, delivered CONUS)

Pic of Casualty Blanket (http://home.comcast.net/~sampac/casualty.jpg)

Thanks for looking,


payment by money order or paypal (+3%)

07-20-06, 17:55

Check your e-mail



07-25-06, 09:19
End of the month special:

(2) individual First Aid kits (2 field dressings, triangular bandage, 2" gauze wrap, 2 pill vials & case, plus (1) pair scissors, (1) hemostat, (1) 4"x4yd gauze roll, and (1) 4" elastic bandage

(2) field dressing assortments

(1) heavy duty casualty blanket

(1) SAM splint


thanks for looking,

sampac @ comcast.net

07-28-06, 11:34
Price Drop on individual First Aid kits

07-28-06, 12:23
Price Drop on individual First Aid kits

OK and the new price would be?

07-29-06, 18:13
Wolfbrother - I edited the original price - now they are 2/$18 or 4/$30, delivered.


07-30-06, 20:04
Homer moment --- Doh!

Maybe next payday.

07-31-06, 18:32
I'm going to be pretty tied up during the next month (new baby due any day now), so I'm trying to push some stuff out the door:

while they last - the individual first aid kits will be available for 10/$60, delivered.

thanks for looking,

08-09-06, 20:13
Price drop on the individual first aid kits:

3/$18, 10/$50

Thanks for looking!

08-18-06, 11:02
What's in a field dressing assortment? Congrads on the new addition, get lots of sleep you'll need it. :smile:

08-18-06, 12:16
The field dressing assortment was:
(1) 11.75x11.75 dressing
(1) 7.5"x9" dressing
(2) 4"x7" dressings
(2) triangular bandages

I am completely out of the triangular bandages, so I can't offer that grouping anymore.

The dressings are available separately:

4x7 - $1.50
8x7.5 - $2.50
11.75x11.75 - $3.50
shipping not included

First Aid pouches (will hold 6 of the 4x7 dressings) $3.50, delivered

battlepack - first aid pouch + (6) 4x7 dressings - $14, delivered


Reasonable Rascal
08-18-06, 13:28
BTW, folks, Sam is good to go. Fear thee not when dealing with him.


08-18-06, 14:01
BTW, folks, Sam is good to go. Fear thee not when dealing with him.


I will second that! - he helped with the CD project and I bought some of his current offerings from him. He has allways been 100% up front and honest! And allways come through with what he promiced.


08-18-06, 14:22
hmm - no blushing smiley.

thanks for the nice words guys.

The new little guy is doing well - but he really likes to do all of his eating & pooping after 10pm, so sleep is catch as catch can at the moment.

08-25-06, 16:25
A few new items added.


08-25-06, 21:03
Paypal will be out in 10 minutes for the Flynn BVM.

PayPals sent 2010 CDT.

09-07-06, 19:09
Some more supplies located


09-08-06, 20:48
Sorry I'm late with this thanks! Box was delivered Tuesday. Great stuff.