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Reasonable Rascal
08-13-07, 21:04
Medical Bag Special

I have recently acquired a modest lot of small personal medical bags, sold under the Air Lift brand name. These were apparently discontinued from their product line in favor of oxygen carrier and home health aide bags. Accordingly these were available at an excellent price.

The first bag is royal blue in color, constructed of polyester with a nylon lining inside the main compartment. The large compartment measures 5 x 6-1/2 x 9 outside dimensions. The interior is undivided and lined so as to be moisture proof.

The front of the bag has a double zipper opener, measures 8 x 6 outside dimensions, and is divided into 6 mesh pockets and one large moisture proof pouch against the outside of the flap.

There is an unlined pocket across the bag of the bag for larger bulky items. The bag has a hand carry handle on top as well as a shoulder strap, which can be detached via the Fastex-type nylon buckles.

The front of the bag has the blue Air Lift with yellow butterfly logo embroidered on it. It makes for a very attractive, unobtrusive bag, perfectly sized for tossing under the car seat or inside a desk cabinet, or passing off as a lunch bag.

The second bag is black in color, also polyester with a nylon lining and has a modest level of padding to it. It was originally designed to carry a small (A-size) oxygen bottle horizontally, and has interior pockets for accessories as well as 1 openings in either end for an oxygen tubing to pass through. The ends are vented with nylon mesh across the upper portion.

The bag measures 4 x 7 x 12, opens up via a double zipper across the top and is likewise configured with a strap carry handle across the top, or alternatively can be worn as a waist pack. The belt is 2 wide, has a Fastex-type buckle, and padded wings on either side to cushion the hips. The fanny carry strap can be tucked away inside a panel across the back so as to be out of the way for hand carry.

The lid has a nylon mesh pocket with zipper closure, and the inside front of the bag has a large elastic pouch open at the bottom capable of holding an item as large as a rolled BP cuff by way of illustration.

Both bags are well stitched, even and straight. The denier (thread count) is high, approximately 700. This is not a course material

Both bags are priced at $18 each with shipping included. Either bag can be filled with your choice of medical supplies at modest cost to suit your needs, pending availability of desired items.