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Reasonable Rascal
08-16-07, 17:56
Plaster Cast Rollers

I have available 2 cases total of 3” plaster cast rollers; they are constructed of an extra fast setting plaster material impregnated in gauze. Manufacturer’s stated setting time is 2-4 minutes (now that is FAST).

These have been very hard to come by in years past because plaster was being phased out in favor of the lighter fiberglas material. Lighter, yes, and many times more expensive. Also much more difficult to remove without an electric cast cutter. I don’t know about you but I rely on a manual shears-style cutter, or barring that the tried and true pair of paramedic shears.

Each case consists of 6 boxes of 12 rollers each, or enough per box to do an average adult leg from the toes to above the knee/mid-thigh. I am offering these at a price of $1/roller, or $10/box of 12, or $55/case. Actual shipping charges apply in addition due to the variable nature of the cost of shipping a half dozen rollers or a box/12 or a case.

These are manufactured by M-Pack, are individually plastic wrapped and come with a set of multi-language instructions with each case. They are activated by immersing in water – no acetone needed as with some brands of fiberglas. Practical shelf life is many years. Actual shelf life may be decades, based upon my previous experience with military surplus plaster cast rollers dated 1945.

PayPal as well as the more customary methods of payment accepted. Please include a ship to address to allow calculation of shipping charges via most economical (or your preference) means.


08-20-07, 22:29
And RR,
I have been a lazy internet person the last few monthes and I just noticed this deal. Is it still available? Are you willing to ship to Canada?


Reasonable Rascal
08-21-07, 08:47
I have a case + available yet, and yes, I will ship to Canada. Just so they don't drop the package and cause it to spill out white powder. :rollingeyes: