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10-24-09, 21:42
anyone got one of these laying around or have a a line on a current supplier for any of these?

OMV (Oxford Miniature Vaporizer)
The OMV has thermal buffering (water and antifreeze) but full thermo-compensation is not necessary. It can be used with halothane, trichlorethylene, enflurane, isoflurane, sevoflurane.
Manufactured by Penlon this is my most prefered
AKA: British Armed Forces Tri-Service Anaesthetic Kit esentially 2 omv's mounted inline

PAC series
Ether-PAC and Fluo-PAC (Halothane) have automatic thermo-compensation.
Manufactured by Datex-Ohmeda, now GE Healthcare. I realy want a upac that can be used with multiple agents.

EMO (Epstein Macintosh Oxford)
The EMO is an ether vaporizer, with both thermal buffering (a water jacket) and automatic thermo-compensation.
Manufactured by Penlon

Diamedica DPA (Diamedica Portable Anaesthesia) is a great system but doesent list diethyl ether as an available anasthetic. anyone know if it has this capability


01-21-10, 18:54
they got lots of everything with good prices.....for your animals of course.