View Full Version : Save Lives, Save Limbs (2 copies for sale)

10-15-10, 14:36
The Ohio Defense Force (you may have seen the hatchet job on us in :sick1:TIME magazine) did a bulk order awhile back on this title. And we have 2 copies left from the order. I believe that the price is $42 each + S&H. If you are interested in getting this most excellent book, do not contact me, rather contact Doc at cwright@neo.rr.com

Reasonable Rascal
10-15-10, 22:07
As difficult as it is to obtain copies of this work - the publishing company is in Malaysia and shipping is outrageous - I'd encourage anyone who is interested to jump on this. I did a bulk buy here for this and the predecessor work War Surgery Field Manual and can tell you the price is right, definitely below what you'd spend ordering them yourself.

Thank you for making the offer, sir.


11-28-10, 12:03
OK, I got one of these. It is pretty interesting reading. I know that the author of this book finds very little use for tourniquets, while the use of tourniquets seems to be on the rise among our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Is it just a disparity in experiences or what?

Stay Safe,

Reasonable Rascal
11-29-10, 01:46
Consider when the books were written and the battlefield lessons learned since.