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Reasonable Rascal
03-07-02, 20:29
I've added a lot of new instruments to the current inventory, including German Sklar and Miltex brands and Swiss Excelta brand instruments as well as more high quality Pakistani instruments by SMS and Saver Med.

Coming soon will be complete instrument kits comprising a Basic Suture Tray, Procedure Tray and Minor Surgery Tray. One will build on the previous one and all can be upgraded as well.

See INSTRUMENTS section at:

05-31-02, 15:01

I was trying to recover my paypal password last weekend so I could send you a payment for that order, but unfortunatly as PayPal has me down at another e-mail addy (my provider forced us to change), and I have moved, they will not change it without jumping through all sorts of hoops...

looks like it will have to be a check.

as you are on the verge of listing a ton of new stock, I'm tempted to wait a bit, but may get some $$$ off to you sooner than later just to keep the time lag reasonable.