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Medicine Man
05-09-11, 14:42

Ive just published a 435 page book on Survival, Disaster and Tactical Medicine.
If anybody is interested am offering a 15% discount to forum members until this Friday as an introductory offer. See direct link below

Chris (MM)


Medicine Man
05-12-11, 08:58

If you type in MAYBOOK at checkout, you get 20% off :D:

Reasonable Rascal
05-12-11, 11:49
Ordered. :D:


Medicine Man
05-16-11, 12:50
Colour Ebook Version now available for 4.99 see link below

05-18-11, 10:34
Your book came today. Looks pretty good!

A few points for the next edition:

On the binding, the title is in VERY SMALL print... smaller than anything else in the book - it should be large.

Just skimming through - I liked your break down of this Abx for this type of infection. Seems like a lot of Abx's though. I guess so you can use what you have. Hate to stockpile that many. What I didn't see is take for how long.... maybe it was in the text, but just from the charts.

I saw one section on recommended health suggestions and noted ETOH intake... 21 units for a male... I think of a "unit" as a one ounce "shot" of hard alcohol or one beer. That many in a day would have you eating sidewalk... I'm guessing you did not mean in a day? maybe a week? or a month? also what is "unit"? Just little things like that - units and time are important.

Overall, very impressive book! - thanks for telling us about it!



Medicine Man
05-18-11, 11:37

Thanks for your comments, ill take them all on board. If anybody else has a copy please comment always looking too improve the text.

You are right it should state 14/21 units a week. I had probably incorrectly assumed the measurement was international but may well be UK only.


"(3-4 alcohol units a day (equivalent to a pint and a half of 4% beer) and a woman should not regularly exceed 2-3 units a day (equivalent to a 175ml glass of 13% wine)"

Would you mind putting a ratting and review on the Lulu site please.

A few earlier copies went out without page numbers this has now been fixed, sorry if you got one of those.



05-18-11, 13:05
I got a copy with page numbers.

4% beer? interesting....

Scratching my brain here, but I remember this is often state based, I think 2.6% vs 6% and one is OK to sell to a 18yo while the other is ok to sell to 21yo+ but it depends on the state. Thing is, they are basically identical. One is by weight, the other by volume. Idiotic gvmt regs....


Yeah, I'll leave you a good reply on Lulu

Thanks for writing this!


05-18-11, 13:16

I got my copy yesterday and am very impressed with it! Yes, it needs a few tweaks, but it will teach you a lot. So far I have just glanced through it and in that brief review I learned a few things. I've been in the biz. There is valuable information in this text and I recommend it to anyone. It is both useful to the novice, but the experienced medic will also gain helpful insights from it. Recommended!

05-18-11, 13:30
On Beer... I unfortunately do not have a can of it on hand, but I think they are 8 fluid ounces. Maybe it's 10 or 12. I believe there are also 14-16oz cans that are marketed as "tall" cans - hay this is the US and we are weird here... We also are generally not metric.

I have a bottle and it reads 12 fluid ounces.

I also have an "oil can" of Fosters which is an AU beer, but I think brewed in the US, that is not your average can... (It's HUGE) and reads: 25.4 fluid ounces, 750 ml, one pint 9.4 Fl OZ

Cans of Foster are not your normal beer in this country - normal cans are more like a soda size can. These are tall and wide - AND TASTY!

Just FYI!


Medicine Man
05-18-11, 23:51
Thanks have changed text slightly and revised edition on line. Also created storefront see http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/survivalmedic

05-19-11, 23:46
ordered thanks

Medicine Man
01-08-12, 15:04
A much improved and expanded second version of my book co-written with Dr Craig Ellis is now available from http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/survivalmedic

Also Amazon Book and Kindle version available, should be available via Paladin Press too on the 16th Jan

Have done a more general patient assessment book too

And am on the look out for more suggestions and material for future editions

01-08-12, 20:51
Look forward to reading the book this year. Good to see there are other people out their with an interest in this topic.

Two quick questions for you:

1) Your new co-author Is Dr. Craig Ellis. Is that the Craig that we know and love here?

2) Have you used any of the material found on this site / the original survival medicine book in your work?


01-09-12, 02:04
It's mostly Chris's work with some comments and bits and pieces from me. There are some bits that I reworked from a couple of my chapters in the first book but nothing from the board in that sense. I still think there is value like we have talked about before in doing what Rawles has done and going back over the last decade and composing a "best of" CD. I remain keen to write a DIY extremely austere anesthetic and surgery book but need help!!!



Medicine Man
01-10-12, 15:30
Currently 25% off LSG Survival & Medical Books on Lulu until 31st Jan


Out of three Medical books on my page get the Wilderness and Survival Medicine one as it contains the majority of the material from the other two plus a lot more


use code LULUBOOKUK305 valid until midnight 31st Jan

Reasonable Rascal
01-11-12, 01:05
If you gentlemen would like I'd be happy to send a mass emailing to the registered members of this forum alerting them to the book.

Your call.


Medicine Man
01-11-12, 13:57
That would be excellent thanks RR


01-11-12, 21:38
thank you for sending out the mass email. i am most definitely getting this book even if there was no discount.

01-12-12, 02:30
ordered. Will take a look once it get here to Ireland.

Thanks lads for doing this

James Huffaker
01-12-12, 18:07
Ordered, looking forward to reading it. If it's half as good as the "yellow book", it's more then worth it.

Regards, Jim