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Reasonable Rascal
09-26-20, 18:40
I have been selling off much of my medical library in an effort to downsize and bring in a few bux. Should have shared here earlier but what is done is done.

The following list is what I have left that I have not yet added. Probably more to come. Thought some might be interested in the older legacy books. All subject to prior sale; I have been listing items on two other forums and also a couple of private lists.

Prices as listed. Postage via most economical means, Media Rate within the US, added as applicable.


I am clearing my bookshelves. I have lived in this house for 5 years and have boxes of books I have never unpacked, including medical books. This despite the fact that I have a 5 shelf bookcase beside me with nothing but medical books. Novels, collectible, religious and other books fill its neighbor and I NEED THE SPACE. Some books are well used, some brand new, used only for review and consideration for inclusion in the last (or next) edition of Survival and Austere Medicine. Media rates have gone up but still remain the lowest postage-wise for anything bigger than a large envelope.

I am trying to be as accurate as possible as to condition but will rate even something barely flipped through as no better than 95%. Any highlighting or underlining was done by previous – usually clinical – owners.

Prices listed reflect condition, currency if there are later editions, and overall usefulness. Sorry, but time and (present) inclinations are not conducive to reviews. I suggest using Amazon for descriptions as much as possible.

This is a starter list. More will follow with time.

1. Handbook of Local Anesthesia by Stanley F. Malamed, 1980 edition, wire bound. $5.00 PENDING

2. An Introduction to Radiation Protection, 2nd Edition by Martin and Harbison, softcover, used with ink and pencil underlining and water staining, very usable condition but obviously used. $3.00

3. The Pediatric Drug Handbook by Benitz and Tatro, 3rd Edition 1995. Softcover, 95% condition. $3.00 PENDING

4. Geriatrics At Your Fingertips, 2000 Edition by Reuben et al. Softcover, 90% condition (shelf worn) $2.00

5. Surgery; The Univ of California, Irvine Manual of Surgery, 1997 Edition. Softcover, 80% condition, has been used. $1.00

6. The Color Atlas and Instruction Manual of Peripheral Blood Cell Morphology by O’Connor. 1984. Softcover, Plastic-wire bound. $5.00

7. Infection Control in the Child Care Center and Preschool, 3rd Edition. 1996 Edited by Donowitz. Softcover. 95% condition $3.00

8. The Harriet Lane Handbook: A Manual for Pediatric House Officers, 14th Edition 1996. Softcover, has definitely seen the wards. Name on the edge pages; I have removed the DEA number some user left behind. 75% condition. $3.00

9. The Medical Book of Lists: A Primer of Differential Diagnosis in Internal Medicine, 4th Edition 1994 by Greenberger et al. Softcover. 95% condition $4.00

10. Obstetrical Pearls: A Practical Guide for the Efficient Resident by Benson. 2nd Edition 1994. Softcover, worn (used clinically), heavily underlined in pink, red and blue. $2.00

11. Level 4: Virus Hunters of the CDC by McCormick and Fischer-Hoch, updated 1999 version. Softcover. 95% condition $5.00

12. Biohazard The Hot Zone and Beyond: Mankind’s Battle Against Deadly Disease by Brooksmith. 1997. Hardcover, coffee table size, paper jacket well intact. 95% condition $7.00

13. Infection Control by Palmer, Giddens and Palmer. A learning course for facilities. 3-ring binder, new, never used, still wrapped. From the 90’s or early 00’s. $6.00

14. Common Problems of the Head and Neck Region: A Manual and Guide for Management of Diseases and Injuries in Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery, 1997-98 version. By American Academy of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery Foundation. Softcover. 90% condition (shelf wear) $3.00

15. Emergency Guide for Dental Auxiliaries, 2nd Edition 1994 by Janet Bridger Chernega. Softcover. 95% condition $5.00

16. Essentials of General Surgery, 2nd Edition 1992 by Lawrence, Chief Editor. Softcover, large size – 8-1/2 x 11, 85% condition (shelf wear) $10.00

17. Color Guide Opthalmology by Kanski, 1992. Softcover. 90% condition (shelf wear) $4.00

18. Delmar’s Dental Drug Reference by Haveles, Pharm D. 2000, Softcover. 95% condition $4.00

19. Germs: Biological Weapons and America’s Secret War by Miller, Engelberg and Broad. 2000. Softcover, 90% condition (yellowing of pages, apparently not low acid paper) $4.00

20. Drug Comparison Handbook: Generic to Brand, Brand to Generic by Reilly, Pharm D. Softcover. 95% condition. $5.00

21. Surviving Bioterrorism: Natural ND Medical Remedies for Biological, Chemical and Nuclear Attack by The Editors of the Doctors’ Prescription for Healthy Living. Softcover, 2003. 95% condition $3.00

22. Influenza 1918: The Worst Epidemic in American History by Lynette Iezzoni. 1999 Softcover 95% condition. $4.00

23. Clinical Assessment and Diagnostic Skills for Nurses, Paramedics and ECPs, 2nd Edition by Chris Breen and Dr. Craig Ellis. 2012 Softcover 95% condition $7.00 PENDING

24. 100 Questions and Answers About Schizophrenia: Painful Minds, 3rd Edition, by DeLisi, MD. 2017 Softcover, 95% condition $3.00

25. Muscles Relaxants: Basic and Clinical Aspects, Edited by Katz, MD New in wrapper. Softcover. 100% condition $5.00

26. A Book For Midwives: A Manual for Traditional Birth Attendants and Community Midwives by Susan Klein 1995 Softcover $5.00 PENDING

27. Microbiology: An Introduction by Tortora, Funke and Case, 5th Edition 1995 Hardcover 75% condition. Wear to corners, a couple of water satins inside, blue and yellow highlighting in places, pen underlining or arrows. $2.00

28. War Hospital: A True Story of Surgery and Survival by Sherry Fink, MD 2005. Hardcover with paper jacket 90% condition (price sticker, dusty) $3.00

29. Physical Examination and Health Assessment by Carolyn Jarvis, 2nd Edition 1996 Hardcover 90% condition (shelf wear) $10.00

30. Detroit Receiving Hospital Emergency Medicine Handbook 3rd Edition, 1995 By William Berk, MD. Softcover, 95% condition. $2.00

31. Flu: The Story of the Great Influenza Pandemic of 1918 Pandemic of 1918 and the Search for the Virus That Caused it by Gina Kolata. 1999. Softcover. 90% condition – some age-related yellowing and remains of price sticker on cover $2.00

32. The Washington Manual: Manual of Medical Therapeutics, 27th Edition. Dept. of Medicine Washington Univ. School of Medicine, St. Louis New in wrapper, soft cover with wire binding. $5.00

33. Oral Microbiology With Basic Microbiology and Immunology 4th edition. Edited by William Nolte. Ph.D. 1982. Hardcover. Some highlighting inside with yellow. Well useable, only B/W pictures. 90% condition due to highlighting. $3.00

34. Emergency Care and Transportation of the Sick and Injured, 7th edition. Limited edition Instructor’s Copy. 1998. New condition. 95%. Hardcover. $15.00

35. Modern Surgical Technic, 2nd Edition Volume 1, 1949 by Max Thorek, MD. General Operative Considerations, Principals of Plastic Surgery, Surgery of the Head and Neck. Hardcover, 85% condition. $3.00

36. Modern Surgical Technic, 2nd Edition Volume 3, 1949 by Max Thorek, MD. Surgery of the Abdomen, Surgery of the Heart. Hardcover. 85% condition. $3.00

37. Textbook of Surgery: Pocket Companion by Sabiston and Lyerly, MD’s. 1997. Softcover, used clinically, previous owner’s name inside cover and inside cover page torn out (presuming he had sensitive notes there). Some light staining to page pages outside ends right side and top. $2.00

38. The Washington Manual: Manual of Medical Therapeutics, 27th Edition. Dept. of Medicine Washington Univ. School of Medicine, St. Louis. Used, minor wear. Soft cover with wire binding. $3.00

39. Enhanced Health and Herbal Formulas by Nicky Fitzgerald. 18th Edition. Heavy pamphlet-style paperback - 92 pages. 90% condition, storage wear. $1.00

40. Communicable and Non-Communicable Disease Basics: A Primer by Madeline Hurster. 1997. Softcover. Some age discoloration. 90% condition. $2.00

41. Fold Remedies From Around the World: Traditional Cures for 300 Common Ailments by John Heinerman, Ph.D. 2000. Softcover. 95% condition. $1.00 PENDING

42. Dorland’s Illustrated Medical Dictionary, 23rd Edition. 1957. Semi-hardcover. Shelf wear, very mild aging. 85% condition. $2.00

43. DeGowin and DeGowin’s Diagnostic Examination 6th Edition by Richard DeGowin, MD. 1994. Softcover. 90% condition, minor shelf/age wear. $5.00

44. Physical Medicine: The Employment of Physical Agents for Diagnosis and Therapy by Frank Krusen, MD. 1941. Hardcover. Shelf wear, slight age-related yellowing evident. 90% condition. $2.00

45. Essentials of Clinical Dental Assisting, 4th Edition by Joseph Chasteen. 1989. Hardcover. Name and old pricing inside front cover. $3.00

46. Taber’s Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary, 15th edition, 1985. Semi-soft cover. Storage and shelf wear, previous owner’s name inside front cover. 85% condition. $2.00

47. Dorland’s Medical Dictionary, Shorter Edition (only 2” thick), 1980. Hardcover. Slight age discoloration to all sides, shelf wear. 85%. $3.00

48. Medical Emergencies by Francis Murphy. MD. 1952. Hardcover. Typical age discoloration to pages – very mild. Shelf wear. Cover scuffing. 95% condition. $2.00

49. Gray’s Anatomy Classic Collector’s Edition. 1977. Paper jacket, front torn with folded over flap but no pieces missing. Usual age-related duskiness. Perfectly usable. Hardcover. 80% condition due to jacket and age. $2.00

50. Physician’s Desk reference for Ophthalmology, 23rd Edition 1995. Hardcover. Previous owner (MD) has his stamp inside front and back covers. 90% condition. $2.00

09-27-20, 16:09
It is a little scary how much overlap we have in our libraries.

I guess it is the nature of the type of thing we prepare for.

Good luck with your sale!



Reasonable Rascal
09-28-20, 22:01
A few more, and I see I forgot to price all of the previous listing, since corrected. And yes, I will accept payment in Krugerrands. :laugh:


51. Handbook of Non-Presciption Drugs by American Pharmaceutical Association. 1996. Hardcover. Some separation of spine from inside upper front cover starting. Shelf wear/dust. 85% condition. $8.00

52. Manual for Dental Technicians by J.A. Salzmann, DDS. 1946. Hardcover. Slight age-related yellowing, typical shelf wear. 85% condition. $1.00

53. Normal Findings in Radiography by Torsten B. Moeller. 1999. Softcover. Shelf wear. 85% condition. $1.00

54. Nuclear War: The Medical and Biological Consequences – Soviet Physicians’ Viewpoint by Chazov, Ilyin and Guskova. 1984. Softcover. Somewhat more than usual shelf wear to cover. 80% condition. $1.00 SOLD

55. Synopsis of Pediatrics by T.S. Zahorsky, MD. 1943. Hardcover. Some loose pages though all seem to be present. Has been used. Color plates seem to be unfaded. 70% condition due to pages as noted. Typical shelf wear. $1.00

56. Handbook of the Hospital Corps United States Navy 1939 by the Bureau of Medicine and Surgery Secretary of the Navy. Original owner’s name inscribed inside front cover (*** *** Pharmacists Mate 3rd Class, Naval Hospital, Corona, CA) Shelf wear, some early pages show ‘thumbing’ on the edges. 85% condition. $3.00 SOLD

57. The Nature Doctor by Dr. H.C.A. Vogel (Herbalist, Naturopath). 1991. Hardcover with dust jacket. Minor shelf scuffing to jacket spine only. 90% condition. $9.00 PENDING

58. Investigating Disease Patterns: The Science of Epidemiology by Stolley and Lasky. 1995 Hardcover with cover jacket. Some wrinkling of jacket. 90% condition. $4.00

59. The Ship’s Medicine Chest and Medical Aid at Sea. US Public Health Service. 1978. Hardcover. Clean, no issues. 90% condition $5.00 SOLD