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Reasonable Rascal
10-04-20, 13:41
Sorry for the cut n' paste format but this has been going on for a while and the listing has been broken up into groups offered at different times. I *believe* everything listed is still available. Cases have gone out/been shipped out and most of the rest is going to be offered to a surplus dealer in less than 2 weeks.



Airway Tools and Supplies

1 – Nasopharyngeal Airway, 22 Fr., Robertazzi style, sterile packaged w/2007 Expiry date, non-latex - $2.00

1 – Nasopharyngeal Airway, 32 Fr., Robertazzi style, sterile packaged w/2007 expiry date, non-latex, staining on package from storage - $2.00

2 – Oral Airway Package, 6 piece (1 each, Infant, Small Child, Small Adult, Medium Adult, Large Adult, X-Large Adult), Berman style - $3.00 each

2 – Bitesticks, grooved plastic - $0.50 each

2 - Laryngoscope Handle, Welch-Allyn Medium, 2-C cell size, some storage wear possible, fully functional, stainless steel - $10 each

1 – Laryngoscope Handle, Foregger Large, 2-D cell size , some storage wear/faint staining, fully functional, stainless steel - $10.00

1 - Laryngoscope Blade, MacIntosh #3 size, used, very good, Foregger brand - $5

2 - Laryngoscope Blade, MacIntosh #3 size, new, AMS brand - $6 each

2 – Laryngoscope Blade, MacIntosh #4 size, new, Welch-Allyn brand - $6 each

1 – Laryngoscope Blade, #3 Miller size, used (?), Foregger brand - $5

1 – Laryngoscope Blade, #3 Miller size, new, Amtec brand - $6

1 – Laryngoscope Blade, #3 Miller size, new, AMS brand - $6

2 - Endotracheal Tube, 2.5 mm, uncuffed, Mallinckrodt brand, sterile. Expiry dated 03/96 - $2.00 each NOTE: these seem to be somewhat yellowed due to age. I still carry same in my kit.

2 - Endotracheal Tube, 3.0 mm, uncuffed, Sterile Packaged, 02/05 Expiry Dating, Portex brand, $2.00 each

5 - Endotracheal Tube, 3.5 mm, Reinforced, Uncuffed, Mallinckrodt brand, Sterile Packaged, no dating - $2.00 each

1 – Endotracheal Tube, 4.0 mm, uncuffed, Slick Set with Stylet installed, Rusch brand, sterile packaged, 12/07 Expiry dating - $3.00

1 - Endotracheal Tube, 4.0 mm, uncuffed, Baxter brand, sterile packaged, Expiry dated 07/01 - $2.00

4 - Endotracheal Tube, 5.0 mm, Reinforced, Cuffed, Magill style, Mallinckrodt brand, sterile, Expiry dated 02/96, package intact - $2.00 each

1 - Endotracheal Tube, 5.0 mm, cuffed, Rusch brand, sterile packaged, Expiry dated 08/03, $2.00

1 - Endotracheal Tube, 5.0 mm, cuffed, Rusch brand, sterile packaged, Expiry dated 08/02 - $2.00

2 - Endotracheal Tube, 5.5 mm, Uncuffed, Murphy Eye, Rusch brand, sterile packaged, Expiry dated 10/05 - $2.00 each

5 - Endotracheal Tube, 6.0 mm, Reinforced, Cuffed, Kendall Sheridan brand, Sterile Packaged, Expiry dated 2005 - $2.00 each

3 - Endotracheal Tube, 6.0 mm, Cuffed, Mallinckrodt brand, Sterile, no dating - $2.00 each

2 - Endotracheal Tube, 6.0 mm, Uncuffed, McGill style, Portex brand, sterile packaged, Expiry dated 10/02 - $2.00

4 - Endotracheal Tube, 8.0 mm, Cuffed, Murphy Eye, Euromedical brand, Sterile Expiry dated 08/98 - $2.00 each

1 - Endotracheal Tube, 8.5 mm, Cuffed, Murphy Eye, Rusch brand, sterile Packaged, Expiry dated 09/02 - $2.00

2 - Endotracheal Tube, 9.5 mm, Reinforced, Cuffed, Mallinckrodt brand, Sterile, no dating - $2.00 each

1 – Intubation Stylet, 8 FR OD, recommended for 4.0 – 6.5 mm tubes, Rusch brand, sterile packaged, no expiry dating - $2.00

1 – Intubation Stylette, 10 Fr. OD, recommended for 7.0 – 10.0 tubes, Polamedco brand - $2.00

2 – Nasal Tube – For Control of Expistaxis – IS NOT AN AIRWAY – 2 pieces (one for each nostril), Adult Size 3, Rusch brand, German made, NIB - $5.00 each set


8 – Tracheal Tube Restraint, for securing Endotracheal Tubes, manufacturer marked as Clean and Ready for Use, Mallinckrodt brand, Velcro fastener - $1.00 each

2 – Infant Ventilator Bag with Mask and Tubing, Mercury Medical brand, NIB. NOTE: tubing has ‘bronzed’ with age. Perfectly good, just unsightly. I am tossing in a nebulizer so you have a clean-appearing tubing to switch over to, assuming you have an oxygen supply (tank, concentrator, whatever) to attach to. $8.00 each

1 – Oxygen Bubble Humidifier with 6 PSI Safety Valve. Complete, new in package, non-sterile item (clean package in factory), ready to fill and attach. - $2.00

1 – Chest Tube, 10 Fr., Sterile, complete inside protective tube, with Trocar, Argyle brand, no expiration date. NOTE: size is more appropriate for an adolescent but when in a pinch it is still bigger than a thoracic decompression needle, and more appropriate for use beyond a couple of hours. - $10.00

1 – Underwater Drainage Set, 90 cc, Single Bottle, with Tubing, Sterile packaged, no expiry dating, package appears as intact save for storage wrinkling/discoloration. Chesebrough Pond’s brand. To be used in conjunction with a chest tube. Works with suction or gravity as appropriate. $10.00

1 – Nebulizer Machine/Compressor, portable/tabletop model (7” x 6” x 4”), Sunrise Medical brand, used, discolored casing (yellowed in places) from storage. Small external filter missing, a simple foam plug works every bit as well. Fully functional unit, used for administering nebulized medications such as Albuterol. $12.00

Ear and Eye Wash Sets

HEAR Ear Cleaning System

Here’s the simpler home solution to cleaning out excessive ear wax without resorting to a gallon of peroxide and a fancy shielded syringe. The box shows storage wear, and a misstep with a box cutter (sorry about that). Only 3 tips included (they want you to order more ongoing) which I recommend recycling with peroxide, soap and water. To make up for this shortcoming I am tossing in a separate ear syringe, similar to that found at the 2nd link.



My bulb is a nice aqua green color instead of orange as at the link and has a slip-resistant ribbed finish. Rather nicer overall than the illustration. The remover system is the same brand and model as linked to.

Price: $8 Add shipping and you are still less than the Amazon price. I only have the one.

Emergency Eye Wash Station

Okay, brand new as it were and even still in date (Expiry March 7, 2023). Though truth be told expired saline eye wash solution isn’t exactly a hazardous material. The item is exactly as pictured at the link, complete with the wall mount bracket. Gotta love Amazon for making these pics available.

Again, I only have the one unit. Great for your shop, or your reloading bench in case of a flash.

Price: $9 plus shipping.

1 - Ear Wash Set - Basic, DC Due brand. I cannot find a pic of this one so I am calling it older. It is repackaged. Consists of the spray bottle with trigger sprayer, to which there is a rigid attachment with a directed spray tip - see this link for idea of what it looks like: https://bionix.com/otoclear-ear-irrigation.html

which I believe is made by Bionix for another brand label, and a soft tubing attachment with 7 tips for disposable use, or clean and reuse, your choice. There is also a small infant bulb syringe as well as the cup with U-shaped ear cut-outs (whatever they are called) on each side to keep the mess down. Lacking original box; one of those warehouse finds.

Price: $5.00

40 - Bionix Purple VersaLoop Safe Ear Curettes. Disposable single use for digging out seriously stubborn crud (or bugs if kids are involved). Non-sterile item. See illustration of actual item and use of same here: https://bionix.com/safe-ear-curettes.html Price: $0.15 each

I need to say for the record that I am going to be erratic as far as future offerings. Life is intervening I am afraid. I am hoping to get some instruments sterilized and pouched to offer but need to retrieve the autoclave from storage first, and then find the time. I still have a few surprises left yet – and probably a few I haven’t even found yet - so don’t give up on me.

Essential Oil Dropper Bottles

I have 2+ boxes of glass dropper bottles available.

One is a box of Prettycare brand 1-1/2 oz clear glass bottles with glass dropper tubes with white bulbs. There are two plastic measuring pipettes inside the box along with a plastic filling funnel. The box holds 24 bottles. The bottles are new, never used. I am asking $15 cash for the box.

Next we have a box of 9 (nine) 30 ml bottles with plastic caps, rubber bulbs and glass pipettes. No brand, dark brown glass. Asking is $7.00.

Finally, I have 3 Graham-Field brand Army Dropper bottles, the old ones with a glass stopper on top of the dropper tube with a rubber bulb on top of that. These are new, never used, still in the boxes. These are vintage but not quite old enough to be antiques. I am asking $10 for the set.

Home Baby Delivery

Here is another package deal with a few odds and ends following if you don’t want the entire thing.

I am tossing in everything I can find that is suitable for the prepper turned obstetrician.

Contents Include:

GAM Emergency Disposable Obstetrical Kit, Soft Package, including (descriptions following are by manufacturer)
1 pair sterile exam gloves
1 Disposable Plastic Apron
1 Plastic Lined Underpad
1 Receiving Blanket
3 Disposable Towels
4 Sterile Gauze Sponges
2 OB Towelettes (to wipe and clean birth opening prior to delivery)
1 Sterile Disposable Scalpel (for umbilical excision)
1 Sterile Disposable Bulb Syringe (for fluid removal from infants mouth and throat)
2 Sterile Umbilical Clamps (to clamp umbilical cord before cutting)
1 Plastic Bag for Placenta (for hospital placenta examination)
2 Twist Ties (for use with placenta bag)
1 Sterile OB Pad (for post delivery)

4 Umbilical Cord Clamps, Sterile, Individual Packages
1 Large Bub Syringe, non-sterile (more suction than the smaller bulbs in the kits)
1 Gowns, Protective, Kappler brand, Light Blue, Size Lrg
1 Isolation Gown, XL, White, Poly Coated
4 ABD Pads, 8”x71/2”
1 Foil Baby Bunting, Sterile, Hooded
3 Tie-On Pleated Facemasks
1 BMS-brand Premature Scope, NIB
1 Gentian Violet 1% Topical Antiseptic Solution, 30 ml bottle (some midwives still use Gentian Violet for coating the cord as an added measure against infection)
1 Mercury Medical Infant Resuscitator Bag, with Mask
1 Oxygen Connecting Tubing, 7’
6 Gloves, Medium Nitrile, Non-Sterile
6 Gloves, Large Nitrile, Non-Sterile

Basically an emergency OB kit like carried in ambulances, etc. with the addition of gowns that actually cover you, plus the means to resuscitate if needed with a ventilator bag and mask, a foil reflective hooded blanket to maintain warmth, a stethoscope to determine heart rate and quality and listen to lung sounds for evidence of aspiration (inhaled amniotic fluid, etc.) without covering their entire chest and thus making it even more difficult for the inexperienced.

The entire package fits into a Large Priority Mail box, saving on postage.

Price: $20.

Additional Items in this category:

BMS Fetal Scope, NIB. Identical to illustration at link.


Price: $10 + shipping

30 available Cord Clamps, Sterile Packaged, each - $0.25 each

2 available GAM Emergency Disposable Obstetrical Kit, cardboard boxed. Contents identical to above unit, only outer packaging differs. Sterile packaged inside box. Price: $7.00 + shipping