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Reasonable Rascal
11-12-20, 14:21
ISRAELI BANDAGE (Civilian version)

I now have in stock a supply of authentic Israeli Bandages, manufactured by Persys Medical, and am offering them as low as the manufacturer will allow, i.e. at the Minimum Advertised Price (vs. MSRP, which of course is higher).

For illustration see here: https://www.buyemp.com/product/persys-sup-sup-emergency-israeli-bandage/group000517

The only difference between the illustrated bandage and mine is the color: mine are what as considered to be the 'civilian' version. IOW they are white instead of green. Or I should say *almost* the only difference because apparently green dye is costly, to the tune of a $1 a bandage more. Seriously.

To see how these differ from ordinary gauze and sponge bandages see here: https://www.survivalmetrics.com/store/media/ecom/prodxl/emergencybandage3.jpg

I have around 85 bandages available, sterile sealed with a Use By date of April 2028. Which in real world terms means they are good for the next 20 years unless the package is breached somehow.

These are the 4" wide version, allowing them to be slipped into a pocket or stocked in multiples in a blow-out bag. In the future I hope to work up to stocking the 6" regular and 8" Tactical (abdominal) versions but that will likely have to wait until after Christmas (oh Santa, please be good to me this year!).

Quantities are available. PM me if interested.

Price: $6.80 each + whatever postage comes to.

SWAT-T Tourniquet

Compact, low cost and easy to use. Can be used as a compression wrap or a full on tourniquet. Nothing to break during use unless you allow Mongo to do the stretching (by which time it'll be around 46 feet long before finally snapping). You can tuck two of these away for the price of one of the lower cost CAT-copies out there.

See illustration here: SWAT-T Tourniquet

These are brand new and have a use-by date of July 2027. Mine are the 'tactical' black version, the other color choice being orange.

Again, the stated MAP applies. If a quantity is desired send a PM.

Price: $13.00 each + whatever the PO thinks they can get.

I will be stocking and offering more bags as in the past. I have one smaller bag left to fill and offer and hope to get with my bag guy soon for more.

I will be offering a few more things from my old stock in days to come as I continue to dig every so often, and now that I have decided to get back into the business I'll have many more interesting items available.