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Reasonable Rascal
09-01-21, 23:31
After waiting months for a promised web site build we are doing it ourselves.

Med Tech Iowa (http://medtechiowa.com)

is now a live website, bugs and all.

As we make progress, learn and build more we will be filling out a gallery of pictures of our products, ranging from common stock items to limited quantity specialty items such as advanced field surgery and airway kits.

Some examples of the products we currently offer include but are hardly limited to:

Field surgery kits - 2 (soon to be 3) levels

Cricothyrotomy kits - sterile sealed and field use both

Blow Out/Bad Day at the Range kits (so-named in deference to My .50 Cal Exploded https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1449kJKxlMQ )

Upgraded JFAKs (Joint First Aid Kit), the latest iteration of US military personal aid kits

Welch-Allyn Tycos Stethoscopes - very limited quantity

MOM-Bulance bags - for family's whose kids think the ER is their 2nd home

Motorcycle Slide-Out bags - because lay downs happen

Multi-Casualty Shooting Bags - for schools and workplaces

Check in and watch the growth. It has already been a wild ride this year and it promises to only get even more exciting as we expand. We are doing shows frequently in Iowa and also (limited) South Dakota, and are considering expanding beyond those states as well.


09-02-21, 18:23

I am excited for you! Good luck in getting things back up an running!


09-10-21, 23:08
Goodluck RR.
It has been a bit quiet here - but just wanted to let you know I continue to plod along on my sections.
Everything is taking a lot longer than I thought.
Unfortunately delta outbreaks in Australia and NZ has made both my main jobs much busier than I was earlier in year.
But still working away slowly.

Hope everyone is well over there!!

09-18-21, 02:14
Very nice and slick site! Congrats and best of the best wishes to you!

As an aside... I, too, am plodding along with my contribution to the book... been suffering a few setbacks (computer-wise and otherwise, also.)

09-21-21, 20:19
I’ve volunteered to be a second set of eyes for the authors. Basically I’ll filter what I read thru my “Debbie from Greenbriar” filter and maybe make clarity change suggestions that will help non-medical types like Debbie. Not going to dumb it down.

So if you have a section you’d like a second set of eyes on - let me know.

I’ve had several folks I’ve told about the book ask me where they could buy stuff. It may be that a “These URLs were good when this edition was published” appendix would help.

Pre-Y2K in a number of forums there were any number of new Preppers wanting to know which Med books to get and where to buy the stuff. The Book was always the first I recommended to read while also reminding them that “A book, a cook does not make.” I always encouraged training.

I do this also for the PAW fiction writer Jerry D. Young. He has incorporated a couple of clarity suggestions I’ve made.

Ping me, I’ll do what I can to help.

WolfBrother aka JT