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10-31-02, 15:54
Hi I was trying to look up a medicine using the NDC number 0781-7409-70 Sterile Ear Drops. Canít seem to fine them and was wondering if I could buy a bottle of ear drops online. I keep getting ear infections and 2 drops for couple of days clears the infection up. For about 3 months. I am scheduled to go to the VA clinic in January, But am running out of drops. Any help would be appreciated. Sorry if I posted in the wrong place.



Reasonable Rascal
10-31-02, 16:58
I don't offer anything like that but here are a couple of on line sources that might help.




Medicines.MD offers a sourcebook guide to hundreds of overseas pharmacies that speak English, are staffed by competant pharmamcists and are reliable. You can normally save a great deal by purchasing through them vs. domestic pharmacies as well.


10-31-02, 22:50
that looks like a NATO logistics number. I have yet to find the supply catalog that translates those into INN/genaric names. Anybody know?

I have not looked at them in a while, but two digits should be the country code, indicating country of manufacture and the first group of digits (4 or 5) should be a very broad medical classification, of which there are about 6 into which all military medical supplies fall.


11-01-02, 03:30
Thanks for the info.


11-03-02, 19:00
It would be useful to know what are the contents of the drops you've been using.

I wear two hearing aids, and have to clean out my ears every couple days with hydrogen peroxide.

Our local Walmart and Kmarts have some kind of ear drops which have a peroxide, but I can't think of what the name of the ingredient is.

Best of wshes and luck. Let us know how it works out.

Christopher Young
(layman with an interest in medicine)