These forums are as useful as you, the member, make them. In other words if a question has not been asked or a piece of information not offered it is likely because YOU have not asked it, or offered it.

There is a wealth of information contained here: links to free downloads and books, sources for supplies, training and information, and even general feel-good chit-chat.

Many boards have a general medical forum full of sage advise as well as general misinformation and misconception. This board was founded in order to be a general one-stop reference place for information regarding the provision of medical care under unusual and/or trying circumstances.

Today as never before the world is filled with instances of people trying to access medical care under conditions of war, famine, isolation, lack of education or due to financial constraints. If the recent past few years are any indication this will only increase in the foreseeable future rather than resolve to something better.

The best way that you, the member (and if you are just a casual lurker rather than a registered member, why don't you join us?) can gain sought for insight and qualified advise is to get involved. Ask questions, offer comments, post new information, tell about a new resource.

If you are a medical professional (physician, PA, nurse, medic, etc) contact me to see about enhanced forum access.

If you are a retailer with commercial products that may be of interest let us know about them. If you are seeking qualified field testing of your product(s) we might be able to help. several of our members are engaged regularly in visting and providing care to remote and arduous regions of the world.

And if you are just plain Joe or Jane jump in and ask questions or offer comments. The question has not been asked that we can't learn something from.