I am pleased to announce that Med Tech Iowa will once again be back in active business with a new line of products, ranging from low priced medical surplus to top-of-the-line products by first rate companies well known in the tactical and preparedness medicine fields.

Until a new sales site is up and functioning properly this forum will have to do. I will be making announcements as appropriate, offering sales on the newest finds, and in general doing what I can to bring proper, lower cost medical devices and supplies to the preparedness and austere medicine communities.

Just a few of the items I already have in stock and will be offering include:

Thermometers: oral, tympanic and infrared


Israeli Bandages


Electronic Blood Pressure Cuffs - Arm and Wrist models both

Respiratory Care Equipment

Ready-made kits for home, auto, the firing range and more

I am actively seeking to secure a line of hemostatic dressings and related agents, hopefully burn care products as well, and a continuing supply of glass syringes suitable for long-term repeated use (austere environment).

There is much more to come so stay tuned!