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Thread: Overseas drugs

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    Overseas drugs

    I ordered some e-mycin from the following address- That was back on October 13. I have not heard anything yet. Are you all sure it is legal to do this? This is not some federal sting operation is it. I ordered based on the recommendation of a frugal squirrel. Is there anything I should be doing that I am not. Am I ok legally?

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    Federal law allows you to legally import up to a 90 day supply of medication for your own use per order. In other words if you use Dilantin for seizure control you may order a 90 supply of the medication in the form you use such as 30 or 100 mg tabs. You are not limited to ordering only every 90 days, or 60 or however long your supply would presumably last. The limit is per order and not per time period.

    Certain types of drugs are always prohibited, such as experimental drugs not approved in the US, anabolic steroids, and others. Routine medications for diagnosed diseases are, however, not. By routine I do not wish to imply that you can expect oral morphine to sail through Customs because if spotted it will be confiscated for being a strong narcotic. Antibiotics, diabetic meds, arthritis meds, blood pressure medicines, and many others are all fully, 100% legally importable provided certain details are met.

    The best answer I can provide would be to check this site http://Medicines.MD/ for their book on where and how to order from overseas pharmacies. Besides everything else as far as what, where and how they also include the forms, etc that are required to meet ALL of the requirements of medication importation by consumers. In the final run Customs can do whatever they please in this regard, though normally they don't bother routine medications.

    Your order was placed a month ago. For overseas shipments that may be about normal transit time depending on the country of origin. Upon checking the link you provided I saw there was a link top check on the status of an order. You may want to do that to get a ship date and shipping service used. Patience is a virtue in these cases I am afraid. And yes, some orders get lost en route or confiscated for whatever reason.

    As far as a Customs sting, no. If they wanted to do that they would open a "pharmacy" just across the border in Mexico and catch a few thousand senior citizens every month as they refill their heart and blood pressure medications. :D

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    RR wrote:

    > Certain types of drugs are always prohibited, such as experimental drugs not approved in the US

    that is not correct. the primary reason this law was passed is to allow import of "experimental" drugs not available in the USA by people dying of AIDS and cancer. It is also commonly used to import nootropics. Everything else RR said is correct.


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